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Latest News

Beta Patch Notes

CPU Optimization

  • The GPU vs CPU balance have been greatly improved. Players should now see improved performance across the board if their hardware were previously CPU bound.
  • Optimized character flooring calculations.
  • Optimized ground alignment performance (used for creatures to align with slopes and other detections).
  • AI pathing performance improved.
  • Character movement performance improved.
  • Weather and day/night system performance improved.
  • Some computations in the core game systems are now spread out over multiple frames.

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed a rare crash when updating the aim crosshair position with a bow.
  • Fixed a crash when changing the throttle speed when mounted (this would happen when the game could not detect the player as actually being dismounted).
  • Pets UI panel could sometimes cause a crash when querying information from the game.
  • Possible fix for the random crash that happened when character fur was updated on the render thread.

World - Changes and Fixes

  • Added Haven Mentor and Anatomy Tutor.
  • Added Priest to Fab Tower in Haven.
  • Added training dummies to Fabernum and Haven.
  • Added an extra priest in Haven.
  • Wells added to Haven, Meduli and Kranesh (no, the Meduli fountain is not ready yet).
  • Added more variations of bandits and populated more bandit camps.
  • Made the door entrance to the bank in Haven and Fabernum wider.
  • Updated missing coin texture and material (props placed on tables).
  • Various unlisted updates and polish to existing locations in the world.
  • Made it possible to swim in the pond outside Tindrem.
  • Turned off volumetric scattering on a lot of lights that were causing unpleasant artifacts.
  • Fixed hard edges in sand on the landscape in Meduli.
  • Some vendor props cleanup in Fabernum and Haven.

Updated Fall Damage Calculations

  • Fall damage calculations have been completely remade.
  • Fall damage now scales by health points rather than a percentage of total health. This means that players with the same attributes and skills, but with more health, can survive greater falls.
  • Fall damage is reduced for the player when mounted (mount absorbs player impact).
  • Player total weight (armor+inventory+body) now affects fall damage scaling. A lighter character can survive greater heights given the same health and skills.
  • Skills are applied to fall damage scaling just like before but have been slightly altered by how the new system behaves.
  • Mounts have a steeper fall damage curve than players and will vary based on mount type.
  • Mount fall damage is now affected by player weight. Mounts will also be affected by the weight of its bags once mount bags are implemented in the future.

Characters and AI - Changes

  • AI movement has been rewritten and is overall more stable and performant.
  • Character flooring has been rewritten. It is used to put characters on the ground while moving or spawning. Some vendors and guards might have their feet inside the floor though due to a level streaming issue that we are still working on.
  • AI pathing is now better aligned with the ground on the client.
  • Creature ground alignment stabilized. Moving over objects or bumps on the ground should no longer cause sudden large realignments for creatures. Creatures should also not align strongly to nearby walls and trees. This is still elementary and we will add more animations and fluff to make it look good in the future.
  • Several spawners will now leash again and some AI has stronger leashes than others (guards vs creatures, bandits, etc).
  • Polished some creature animations.
  • Tamed AI should now be looked at by guards as if they looked at the owner.
  • Bandits now drop heads when killed.
  • Magic charge effects modified to visually last longer while mounted.
  • Some visual adjustments to Risar weapons.
  • Stabilized player ragdolls. They should not shake and stutter as much now.
  • Horse sounds updated.

Characters and AI - Fixes

  • AI should now recover from failed pathing more easily.
  • AI should now drop lootbags closer to where it was killed.
  • Player would have the wrong body animation while mounted in first person. This would cause the arms not to be rested in the lap and instead end up outside the screen.
  • Fixed issue with server sending out wrong timings in AI pathing (this caused AI to sometimes move at the wrong pace or out of order). This seems to have fixed the issue where the AI unintentionally runs up to the target to attack, runs away and back to the target again.
  • Fixed issue where AI would start to shake its turning animation left/right at very low speeds.
  • Fixed rare scenario where AI would get stuck at edges of the navmesh or in the air and still think it had a path to follow (not the same issue as with the pets and mounts getting stuck at invisible walls a few patches back).

VOIP - Changes

  • You can use /mute to mute your target.
  • You can use /unmute to unmute your target.

UI - Changes

  • You can now switch between a darker and brighter mouse cursor (change in Settings > UI).
  • You can now select between three mouse cursor sizes (change in Settings > UI).
  • You can now select if the cursor should re-center on screen when activating mouse mode (enabled by default, see Settings > UI).
  • The Reset UI setting should now save the correct positions.
  • Chat log and size now get reset when clicking the 'Reset Ingame UI' button.

UI - Fixes

  • Skills in the skill tree should no longer show inaccurate second attribute bonuses.
  • You can no longer swap items into the Haven banks on Myrland by using the drop-replace bug.
  • You can no longer split stacks when dead.
  • Players were able to get max stats in the character creation by changing the gender over and over.
  • The game should now display the correct message when an AI hits you with an arrow.
  • Certain crafting windows stopped receiving input after they were dragged.
  • Keybind settings names were sometimes not getting updated properly.
  • Clade gifts should now get saved and loaded in the action bars.
  • Fixed issue where some skills would not be affected by the 100 times up.
  • Players can no longer talk in guild chat unless they are in guild.
  • Carry weight tooltip message, saying how much you can carry before being able to move, is no longer inaccurate.
  • Carry weight text was not taking into account Oghmir clade gift for carry weight.
  • Items, skills, petskills and spells should now load properly in the UI after relogging.

Gameplay, Interaction and Balancing - Changes

  • Increased torch radius.
  • Stackable buffs should now increase their own effectiveness once.
  • Extraction should now scale the skill xp gain based on the quantity of the materials used.
  • Players can now slowly start moving during the resurrect sequence.
  • Oghmir stoneskin clade gift should no longer heal players if received damage was less than 3.
  • Extraction and refining should no longer give items to dead players.
  • Getting hit by someone should now trigger the criminal flag even if that person has hit you before.
  • Murder list no longer hold players in it until you die.
  • Healing criminals is now a criminal act.
  • Loot bags and other pickables should no longer be halfway through the ground.
  • Thursar clade gift 'Adamant' should now impact incoming heal magic as well.
  • Thursar and human 'size' bonuses from clade gifts have been reduced.

Gameplay, Interaction and Balancing - Fixes

  • Characters no longer have collisions after being killed.
  • Fixed issue that made it so that child skills could level up past its parent skill points, locking the points but making the skill be used as if it was 0.
  • Targeting should no longer auto-clear the target frame when looking away from the target.
  • Fixed bug where active warcry buffs would increase in power and restart their lifetime when receiving other types of buffs, which also removed the effect of the new buff.
  • Players can no longer get past the turn limits while mounted due to poor game performance. This bug allowed players to turn 360 degrees when having low FPS.
  • Fixed issues with books that could make them try to add xp to skills you did not have.
  • Fixed an issue where some parts of the world were ignored in collision checks, which caused some features like the unstuck command to pass through objects.
  • Oghmir thirst clade gift didn't visually update the maximum amount of thirst.
  • Loot bags should now be lootable directly after killing an opponent instead of being blocked by the body.
  • Fixed issue where the player could not open loot bags under gatherable water.

Pets and Mounts - Changes

  • Improved horse turning and banking behavior (should be more dynamic and have less twitchy/unpleasant movements).
  • Max turn rate is now speed based (turn slower when moving faster). It was previously based on the input 'throttle'.
  • Mounts now adjust to the slope of the ground below them when controlled by a player.
  • Mounts can now swim when mounted by a player. They will drain stamina and will always float to the surface. They also won't stop when stamina drains (this is until we balance them properly to avoid unnecessary playability issues). Warning: It is not recommended to dismount horses while swimming as they can't move on their own in water. Just remount and lead them to shore.
  • Mounts now slow down based on how deep they are submerged in water. Water avoidance has been disabled now that swimming is supported and mounts will not slow down ahead of water anymore.
  • Tweaked horse sounds.
  • Fixed issues with riding knockdown leaving player and mount in a strange state.
  • Unstuck should now work when on mounts.

Pets and Mounts - Fixes

  • Pets and Owner will now be flagged criminal when attacking another player
  • Attacking a tamed pet that is criminal will no longer make you criminal.
  • Pets that turn tamed while attacking should now stop attacking.
  • Pet skills should be dragable again.
  • The player will now be dismounted when abandoning the mount in the pet window.
  • Mounts should no longer randomly die from seemingly safe fall heights (this does not mean you can now safely play off-road buggy in the mountains with them).
  • Pet levels should now update correctly in the 'All pets' panel.
  • Pets should now correctly stop attacking when being told to stay or follow while attacking.
  • Pets can no longer attack themselves.
  • Stamina would in very rare occasions go negative for mounts.
  • Mount and player no longer randomly spins when the player mounts in first person (there is still some noticeable movement when seeing another player mount a horse however).
  • Rotate input no longer gets locked after mounting a horse for a few seconds (this happened because the last AI movement request to the horse was still active).

Known issues

  • VOIP unmute might not always work.
  • AI movement can get some hitching while moving or stopping while patrolling.
  • AI unstuck behavior is rough. If they get stuck in an object, or get a weird path, they will walk on the spot for a while and suddenly sprint to their new location. We will smooth this out.
  • There are no mount and dismount animations right now. This means you will pop on or off the horse. Dismounting a horse can cause you to get stuck inside it and you just have to try to move/jump away.
  • You can draw your melee weapon while mounted even though mounted combat is not implemented yet. You can’t attack though.
  • You can get stuck inside other creatures/NPCs. Just try to move/jump away if it happens or use the Im Stuck feature in the escape menu.
  • Dismounting a horse while swimming will cause it to get stuck in the water. Just ride it back to shore and it should be fine.
  • Pets/Creatures/AI do not support swimming when moving independently. They will not be able to move in the water at all or walk on the lake/ocean floor.
  • Multiple crashes related to DirectX12 and drivers. Please update to the latest drivers if you experience this or switch to DirectX11. Start the game inside the Steam Library to select DirectX11 or DirectX12.
  • When you drag the action bars all the way to the left side of the screen, and then change aspect ratio they might end up off screen. Use the reset button in settings to restore it.
  • Pet Level lockstate is not implemented fully so it doesn't work atm.
  • Mounts can in rare occasions get stuck in corners/objects. If you can't move away from the stuck position, dismount and move away. The mount should unstuck when it tries to follow you if you use the follow pet command.
  • Mounts will continue to run while falling through the air. AI will get a proper falling animation state soon.
  • Player blocking animations are not visible at 10 meters / 30 feet away.
MO2Info at 04/14/21 11:31 AM

Beta Patch Notes


  • 'Reset Ingame UI' button added to Settings > UI. This will reset the position of all in-game UI elements.
  • Added cooking to starter skill list.
  • More loot added to loot tables.
  • More Red priests added to world.
  • More Guards added.
  • More wildlife spawners added.
  • Added more combat animations for animals.
  • Added support for lictor guards that only attack players and do not defend players vs ai unless the ai is tamed.
  • Attributes maximum value now display the weight class bonus.


  • Mounts and the mounted player now receive fall damage.
  • Buffed Guards.
  • Mounts player input and "brain" has been replaced with a brand new system. It does no longer rely on the navmesh to work. (solves the "invisible wall" issue)
  • Mounts will now try to avoid obstacles and water while being controlled by a player. This means that they will automatically steer or slow down depending on the obstacles ahead.
  • Mounts will now slow down or halt depending on how deep the water is. This means you can ride through shallow water but will slow down to a halt when close to submerged. No swimming yet.
  • You now correctly get knocked down from a mount if you carry too much.
  • Movement updates for players have been completely changed on the server and client to improve network and server load performance. This should greatly increase the number of players the server can hold and how fast the server can process the updates.
  • Paperdoll rendering is now paused by default. Changing its setting is now persistent and will remain until next time you start the game.
  • FPS counter has been replaced with a new one in the top right corner. The previous FPS counter was confusing to players as the time in milliseconds was mistaken for network ping. The FPS
  • counter state is persistent and will remain until next time you start the game.
  • Added skill tree lockstate, which can be clicked to update the selected skill current state.
  • Updated various tooltips in the UI.
  • Some of the Tutors have been updated.
  • VOIP icon display state logic improved.
  • Various art fixes and polish in the world.
  • Polished animation sequences and deformations for some creatures.
  • Keybind text on actionbars are now displayed more clearly.
  • Refactored UI drag and drop system. This should get rid of the annoying 'grid-like' placement of UI elements and also fixed several bugs. See fixes for more details.


  • AI no longer gets stuck in the world, teleports or sinks into the ground when there is no navigation mesh present. ("invisible walls for mounts and pets" issue)
  • Mounts should no longer ride under the ground when overlapping terrains are present.
  • Knockdown should now correctly remove you from the mount.
  • Feed pet now updates pet stats(loyalty etc) much better without changing panels.
  • Mount frame UI location should now get saved.
  • VOIP and chat is now separated between Haven instances and Nave and should no longer 'leak' between these places.
  • Vendor prices should now be correct.
  • Better light transitions when entering dungeons.
  • Mounts can no longer move faster than the first 'throttle' when in mercy mode.
  • Better UI scaling when using aspect ratios other than 16:9.
  • Fixed some visible terrain seams in the world.
  • Removed hidden terrain mesh under Tindrem. (optimization)
  • Attributes who only had one skill contributing to levels was also showing strength.
  • Thursars were not able to gain standing due to incorrect race index.
  • Mounts should now collide with other characters.
  • Earthquake now properly calculates damage per target instead of propagating. This bug allowed the use of the pets damage modifier to amplify damage to all nearby targets, including players.
  • Dragging elements in the UI should no longer snap them to the wrong position on release.
  • Thursar clade gift 'Adamant' were not getting increased vulnerability to physical and decreased vulnerability to magical damage while buff was active (it just removed the passive buffs temporarily)
  • Actionbars should now save its state properly.
  • You can no longer toggle mouse mode in character creation and login screen.
  • The UI elements in settings now get reverted if you close the Settings window with 'Esc' without clicking save.
  • The inventory window no longer disappears when dropped onto an action bar.
  • UI windows should no longer end up outside the screen.
  • Size and height values, in the paperdoll, should now reflect character's actual height when updating cladegifts.
  • Possible crash fix for additional character physics crashing when character enters ragdoll state (crash can't be reproduced by the developers, we will have to see if we stop receiving these crashes).
  • Extraction should now take skills into account to adjust how much items you would receive from the extraction.

Known Issues:

  • Multiple crashes related to DirectX12 and drivers. Please update to the latest drivers if you experience this or switch to DirectX11. Start the game inside the Steam Library to select DirectX11 or DirectX12.
  • When you drag the actionbars all the way to the left side of the screen,
  • and then change aspect ratio they might end up off screen. Use the reset button in settings to restore it.
  • Clade gifts don't get saved properly on actionbars.
  • Pet Level lockstate is not implemented fully so it doesn't work atm.
  • Mounts can in rare occasions get stuck in corners/objects. If you can't move away from the stuck position, dismount and move away. The mount should unstuck when it tries to follow you if you use the follow pet command.
  • Chat position/scale doesn't reset when using Reset ingame UI.
  • Mounts will continue to run while falling through the air. AI will get a proper falling animation state soon.
  • AI can't swim yet. They will either avoid water or walk on the bottom of the lake/sea/river.
  • Player blocking animations are not visible at 10 meters / 30 feet away.
MO2Info at 04/03/21 9:07 PM

Beta Patch Notes


  • Added more tutor text for magic.
  • Anatomy tutor text updated.
  • Added more bandit spawners to Myrland.


  • Improved login messages in the main menu to be more clear to the player when login fails or the player is added to the login queue.
  • Extended news block in the main menu to show more of the message.
  • Your own loot bag is now highlighted red so that it is easier to detect compared to other loot bags.
  • Texture optimizations in the world.


  • Removed severe mouse lag in UI by switching from a widget mouse cursor to a hardware mouse cursor
  • Zombie private parts were visible with clothes on due to a bug introduced during animation optimization (this also happened to players, but at 30+ meters away)
  • Fixed bug where actionbars would not save 'nothing'
  • Keybind text on actionbars are now displayed more clearly
  • Size/height values in paperdoll & character's actual height should now get updated when updating cladegifts
  • Fixed bug where body strength didn't take into account your weight modifiers
  • Fixed Tutor showing wrong key for pets.
  • Voip icon won't flicker if you have voice disabled.
  • Mount stamina should no longer reset when after player does a re-mount.
  • The player can no longer toggle mouse mode in login screen and character creation.
  • Fixed floating trees in Haven and filled holes in the sides of the river.
  • Fixed hole in terrain outside Bakti.
  • Weather would in rare occasions crash on logout.
  • Feed pets could result in a crash.

Known Issues

  • A lot of Ai spawners are still missing.
  • Login button is disabled without telling the user why if Steam is not running when starting the game.
  • There is no animation for mounting or dismounting a horse and the player will teleport onto the horse.
  • You can enter combat but not use melee weapons while mounted.
  • Login message can get stuck on verifying Steam. Let it be a few seconds and try again.
  • Oddities can still occur while riding. (For example riding into invisible walls)
MO2Info at 03/27/21 1:43 PM

Beta Patch Notes

Added option to disable help chat in settings.


  • Updated Tutor text.
  • Increased fur max draw distance.
  • Increased NPC look-at-player distance.
  • There are now 15 instances of Haven with statues.


  • Camera fixes in main menu, character creation and paperdoll preview.
  • Crash fix: Interacting with tutors would sometimes trigger a crash, possibly fixed.
  • Crash fix: The client could sometimes crash when loading in new characters.
  • Vendor sell prices are now correct.
  • Fixed bug where pet level lock always showed locked state.
  • Feed pet now updates pet stats(loyalty etc) much better without changing panels.
  • Corrected some hints.
  • Crash fix: On-screen damage indicator would in rare cases lead to a crash due to the attacker being removed on death or other reason.
  • Players no longer receive an impulse on collision with other NPCs or creatures. This should hopefully solve the issue where players would be randomly launched into the air. during combat with AI.

Known Issues:

  • You may encounter areas where you can't ride your horse. (Invisible walls)
  • You may encounter collision issues when riding.
  • You may encounter areas where your horse and other Ai goes under the map.
  • Material lores does not always skill up correctly on use.
  • Some UI mouse lag.
  • Voip icon not showing correctly.
  • Multiple crashes related to DirectX12 and drivers. Please update to the latest drivers if you experience this or switch to DirectX11. Start the game inside the Steam Library to select DirectX11 or DirectX12.
MO2Info at 03/25/21 8:21 PM

Stress Test weekend events! From the newsletter

Stress Test Contests & Prizes

Starting the 26th of March, we will begin a weekend-long event as well as daily competitions which all reward exciting prizes. See below for event information, rules and prizes.

March 26 at 13:00 UTC - March 28 at 23:59 UTC - The Great Hunt

Objective: Incredibly rare creatures have been placed all over Nave. Players have until the end of the stress test to hunt as many of these creatures possible.

Rules: Anything goes


1st - RTX 2060 Video Card

2nd - $200.00 USD Newegg Gift Card

3rd - $200.00 USD Newegg Gift Card

4th - MO2 T-Shirt

5th - 1 month of MO2 subscription credit

Friday, March 26th at 17:00 UTC - The Most Dangerous Game - Starring Henrik

Objective: Find and kill Henrik.

Rules: Land the killing blow on Henrik to win the contest. PvP is allowed. Henrik will be armed and dangerous. Prepare for a fight.

Prizes: $200.00 USD Newegg Gift Card

Saturday, March 27th at 17:00 UTC - Fury Road

Objective: Race from Fabernum to the final destination
(destination will be announced 10 minutes before the race begins)

Rules: Participants MUST be accounted for at the Fabernum gates when the event begins. Other than that, anything goes. PvP Is allowed.


1st - $200.00 USD Newegg Gift Card

2nd - $100.00 USD Newegg Gift Card

3rd - MO2 T-Shirt + 3 month of MO2 subscription credit

4th - 2 months of MO2 subscription credit

5th - 1 month of MO2 subscription credit

March 28th at 17:00 UTC - World Boss Event

Objective: Locate the world boss and land the killing blow to win.

Rules: First player to land the killing blow wins. PvP allowed. Win by any means necessary.

Prizes: $200.00 USD Newegg Gift Card

Join Henrik on Twitch

The CEO of Star Vault, Henrik Nyström will be presenting the start of the stress test on Twitch starting March 25th at 17:00 UTC. Tune in and prepare yourselves for one hell of a weekend! We cannot thank you all enough for participating in this event and supporting our dream. See you in Nave!

MO2Info at 03/25/21 9:38 AM
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