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Patch Notes

What’s New?
This patch brings the promised features of Sprint 1 on our latest Roadmap. It includes a massive update to combat quality of life and fluidity, an overhaul of mount stamina to make traveling the world more seamless, rideable bears and a new dungeon has appeared somewhere in Myrland.
That’s not all however! This is one of our most significant and impactful patches when it comes to gameplay changes.

New Light Armor
A new set of craftable light armor is now obtainable.

New Dungeon
A brand new dungeon, Melisar’s Vault, has been added to the world!

Combat Mode and Quick Swap
A secondary weapon set is added to the character sheet. You can Quick Swap to the second set at any time using the icon or the new keybind in the game settings.
You can also quick-equip a weapon from the hotbar or inventory during combat mode.
Equipped items in the actionbar are now highlighted. Items equipped in your secondary weapon set have a softer highlight.
The slots in the secondary set are considered new equipment slots and are treated the same way as the primary set when updating stats like weight calculations.
You can now drag-drop equipment into their dedicated slots to replace them.
Changing combat mode is now faster.
Changing combat mode or equipment has a 1 second cooldown for changing again.
The user can start using weapons 1 second after entering combat mode or switching weapons.
Reduced the time it takes to start eating & drinking from combat mode from 2s to 1.5s.

Combat Input Queueing
You can now hold down a combat input during an action and the input will register as soon as your current action has ended. This applies to melee, archery and the magic 'Cast Last Spell' / 'Cast Last Spell Self' keybinds. This allows you to do things such as holding your block keybind while mid swing, to automatically start blocking when your swing has ended, as well as cast a spell and hold down your "Cast Last Spell" keybind to automatically cast the spell repeatedly while holding the key.
Added a new toggle setting in the Gameplay settings tab called "Feint and Block", which when active will allow you to tap your block keybind to feint while you are charging a swing, or block while idle.
You can now hold down your attack keybind and tap the Feint key to auto Feint and start a new attack without releasing your attack keybind.
Holding the Feint keybind will now prevent a new attack from starting until it is released.
You can now charge an attack from the blocking state.
Added a setting in the Gameplay panel for enabling Legacy combat for players who do not want to enable the input queue system.

Ranged Combat
You can now hold 50 arrows in your quiver, up from 25.
Improved responsiveness with bows by fixing a one frame mismatch between the crosshair and the release of the arrow.

Magic Combat
You can now change the target mode of a spell mid charge/casting by pressing "Cast Last Spell" for Target cast and "Self Cast" for Self cast.
The crosshair will now show if the spell you are casting is targeting yourself or someone else.
Arms are now swaying a bit while moving and casting spells, the same animation as with melee weapons. This is only visual and does not affect aiming.

Melee Combat
Weapon durability now affects damage if below 20% durability, down from 50%. There's also a more noticeable change in damage once the threshold is passed.
Updated the animations and visual effects for blocks and parries to make them easier to see.
Parry effects should no longer end up outside the screen for larger weapons.
Shields now gain stamina when successfully parrying. The amount of stamina gained scales with shield weight, where lighter shields gain more stamina than heavy shields.
The time a swing is released is now used to define if a hit should get parry attack bonus damage. This should fix the issue of heavier and slower weapons not dealing full damage after a parry.

Mounted Combat
You can now mount and dismount while in combat mode.
Mounts now all regenerate stamina at the same rate.
Mounts now regenerate stamina slowly while in 3rd speed.
Mounts now only drain stamina while in 4th speed (boost).
Mount armor no longer affects stamina regeneration.
Mount swim speed & stamina regeneration is now 1/4 of what it's on land.
Mounts have been rebalanced and have different maximum stamina amounts.
Swift riding now reduces stamina degeneration by 5%(which only happens during boost mode).
Horse ability 'Spur On' now regenerates 100 stamina per second and lasts 2 seconds.
Fixed a bug that made melee weapons do way more damage than expected when used on mounts. This was common when jousting with lances.
Fixed issue that made lances hit twice from a mount sometimes.

Other Combat Changes
Push is now a dedicated button, default keybind B. The old input for push using Block+Attack has been removed.
The Push action now costs 10 stamina.
Added an extra +10kg of carry weight for everyone.
You no longer need to be holding CTRL to eat food or drink potions from the actionbar.
Unarmed combat now plays a swing sound.
Weapon swings now have a subtle trail effect.
Improved the hit effects when hitting a training dummy.
Player arms will now avoid intersecting with walls and other characters in first person view.
You are now forced out of combat mode if you try to use an unsupported weapon.
Fixed a bug where the delay from eating food/drinking potions could be bypassed in combat mode by spamming the consume action.
Fixed a bug in mercy mode where the "Hold R to suicide" prompt would flash repeatedly.

Guilds and Territory Control
Keep owners now get 80% (up from 50%) of the upkeep from houses in their area added to their treasury every time the house pays upkeep.
Players cannot enter supply towers anymore.
Fixed an issue that would cause a new guild leader to not be selected when the current one left or disappeared.
Fixed an issue allowing members of the same rank to promote/demote each other.

Bear Mounts
Black Bears, Brown Bears, White Bears and undead versions from rituals are now mountable except for young bears.
Updated the appearance for bear bags to work with mounted players. This update affects the White, Black and Brown Bears and their young, adult and alpha stages.
Adjusted movement animations for bears to work better for mounted players.
Fixed issue where the movement animations for some bears were sliding on the ground.

Humanoids can now lose limbs when they die.
Increased the time dead players and humanoid corpses stay in the world.
You can now change how long player bodies stay on the ground with ‘Player Corpse Stay Time’ in the video settings.
Non-player humanoids that are killed now stay longer in the world before being despawned.
Remade all blood and hit effects in the game.
Improved effects and feedback when executing humanoids.
Humanoids that get executed with an arrow to the head now react more violently.
Humanoids now show an increasing amount of blood on their body the lower their health is.
You now get blood added to your body when you execute something or someone.

Mounts and Pets
Increased attack distance of the Molva to avoid it standing inside you.
Fixed issue where mounts would bob up and down quickly in water when near the surface level.
Fixed broken swimming animations for Molva beasts.
Fixed issue where the out of world correction did not work for mounted players. The player would be pushed away from the mount instead of correcting the mount itself.
Fixed UI bug where you could not right-click pet equipment to unequip.

Characters, AI and NPCs
Spawned Illusionist copies will no longer give Glory.
Updated attack animations and hit timings for multiple creatures that were too hard for players to read and block.
Improved elbow flaring while pushing vehicles and other weird poses due to IK.
Improved some IK wobble during combat transitions.
Improved animation blending while swinging weapons and looking up or down.
Restored the login effect for other players.
Remade the spawn animation for loot bags.
Fixed an issue with the Campodon Statue vendor where he would accept other items than gold in the trade window.
Fixed issue where Rotten Walkers would fall limp to the ground instead of reacting to the killing blow when another player kills them
Fixed a navmesh issue in Undercroft dungeon that could get Ai stuck in the roof near stairs.
Fixed issue where the death sound of a player would not be heard when killed in mercy mode.
Fixed bug where if AI HP regen was zero, AI would not gain health during leash.
Fixed bug causing AI HP regen to sometimes not tick as often as it should.
Fixed issue where AI did not show an arrow when drawing a bow.
Fixed issue with groups of AI that would not fully stop when reaching a player. They would often vibrate back and forth on the spot.

Fixed issue where the player arm in the Etherworld would not point in the camera direction when using Kau beams.
Fixed an issue where spirit sounds were playing in the living world.
Fixed issue with summoned spirits ending up above the caster.

Magic Balance
Increased damage from 22-27 to 25-28
Decreased cast time from 1.4s to 1.0s
Adjusted damage ratio from 75% blunt : 25% burn to be 50% blunt : 50% burn
Increased chance to ignite from 10% to 25%

Increased damage from 22-27 to 25-28
Decreased cast time from 1.4s to 1.0s
Adjusted damage ratio from 75% pierce : 25% frost to be 50% pierce : 50% frost
Increased chance to apply chilled from 20% to 25%

Removed Lodestone Powder reagent cost

Changed Purified Water reagent cost to normal Water

Dust Burst
Adjusted Granum Powder reagent cost from 2 to 1

Adjusted Granum Pile reagent cost from 2 to 1

Mending Vapors
Changed Purified Water reagent cost to normal Water

Scouring Stream
Changed Purified Water reagent cost to normal Water

Removed Lodestone Powder reagent cost

Lava Ball
Removed Coal reagent cost
Increased damage from 22-28 to 28-32

Auw Surge no longer hits anything if you cast it on yourself.
Fixed an issue that would cause the Elementalism spell Dust Burst to apply a bleed debuff for 0 damage.
Fixed an issue that would cause the Elementalism spell Sand Spout to apply a bleed debuff for 0 damage.

Items and Trinkets
New players no longer start with the default map since you no longer need an item to see the map.
Fixed issue where the Oghmir pipe could be used while eating. Pipe now stops the eating behavior.
Fixed issue when drinking potions your "taps to consume" 1 unit didn't count for the first two seconds if you were in combat mode.

Skills and Clade Gifts
Fixed clade gift 'Alvarin sight' not showing its cooldown.
Fixed issue with mining/woodcutting. Sometimes you would need to redraw your weapon or move away from the attempted gathering spot in order to stop your action from getting cancelled.

UI and Interactions
Added key combinations to make using the vendor slider to decide how much you want to buy easier:
Holding left alt will switch the range of the slider to 1-500 instead of 1-10k
Holding left ctrl will make the values increase in steps of 25
Holding left shift will make the values increase in steps of 5

Added a button to go to the help center on the main menu.
Updated the twitter logo on the main menu.
Update the map borders to include cave camp.
Improved handling of client disconnect during character select or creation.
You can no longer unequip items while dead.
Fixed issue where toggling horizontal mode on for action bars would make the top button misaligned.
Fixed issue where you could not log back into the game after being disconnected without restarting the game.
Fixed issue where some UI elements could get stuck on the screen after logging out.
Fixed a visual bug where cooldowns for skills would reset if you un-hover them.
Fixed issue where you could interact with other things with "Hold R to ..." while in mercy mode.

Lighting, Weather and Environment
Changed the light intensity for placeable camp fires.
Updated lighting for many dungeons
The Krampos house has been rebuilt.
Boss room doors at spider queen are now less transparent.
Added missing logout zone at Risar Hideout.
You can no longer stand on the wall at the invisible bridge in the necro dungeon. If you fall, you are dead.
Fixed light issues in cave north of meduli
Fixed light issues in one of the clothos cave entrances
Fixed a gap in the mino dungeon
Fixed some parts on the Grizzly Extraction device that were rotating when they should not.
Fixed flying vegetation in some area
Fixed multiple spots where players could get stuck in the landscape.

Frame Generation
Added a new window for Frame Generation Settings in the video settings tab with a detailed explanation for each frame generation setting.
Frame Generation can now be turned off completely in the engine and is the default setting. This is recommended for users experiencing crashes with frame generation. Frame Generation was previously forced to AMD or NVIDIA. The previous Frame Generation toggle only enabled the generation but did not disable it in the engine.
Some users experience GPU crashes with AMD FSR3 Frame Generation. This issue affects multiple games and is not exclusive to Mortal Online 2. Please try the new Frame Generation settings under the AMD method. The crash dumps we receive do not have enough information for us or the team at AMD to isolate the issue. We would be grateful for any feedback by those who are affected in the community.

Game Performance
Force engine garbage collection on main map transitions to ensure the UObject count does not explode from logging out and back into the game. Large UObject counts are bad and cause game hitches during garbage collection and can even crash the game if the UObject count gets too large.
Some minor adjustments to level streaming performance.
Some minor animation optimizations to improve CPU performance.

Server and Networking
Optimized server code for auto-stacking items when you pick up a new item.
Fixed issue that would create small spikes of delay on certain parts of the server.

Known Issues
Some parts of the landscape might turn invisible, but they're still there. We're waiting on Unreal Engine 5.4 to fix this.
We are aware of the login issue that some players are experiencing and are focusing on getting it fixed in the coming days with a hotfix.
3rd person player gore is currently not showing as intended, meaning you will not see limbs fall of from another player unless you killed him/her. It does however work for AI.
MO2Info at 03/13/24 9:14 AM

Patch Notes

What’s New?
Thanks to your input, we've updated the way defending guild territories works. Here's what's changed:

Guild Territory Defense Update
Now, defense bonuses are specific to each territory building and player home, not overall.
When you check a building, you'll see its defense.
Supply Lines boost defense only for the linked keep and its walls.
Buildings and homes near a Supply Storehouse will gradually increase in defense.
If a Supply Line or Storehouse is taken out, affected buildings will gradually lose their defense boost.
Fixed an issue where NPCs in player-built structures weren't looking in the right direction.

Adjusted Haven Black Bears to carry the same weight as regular black bears.

Known Issues
Some parts of the landscape might turn invisible, but they're still there. We're waiting on Unreal Engine 5.4 to fix this.
With the defense updates, your guild's defense stats in the UI may decrease to match the new system. This doesn't mean your buildings are less defended. The defense shown on each building is what counts in combat.
MO2Info at 02/14/24 8:37 AM

Patch Notes

Notable Changes
Characters that relog while still in the world will now be instantly shown to other clients, instead of vanishing temporarily while loading in.
Equipment hits to shields now drain stamina. The amount of stamina drained scales with the damage left over after it has been reduced by shield’s defense. This change is one part of a larger shield balance overhaul, with more changes to come in a future patch.
Fixed rare issue where spawners would simply stop spawning. This will hopefully address the issues with many spawners on Myrland not behaving correctly.
Supply Lines now only provide a maximum of +20% Guild Defence regardless of how many your guild controls. We are working on a much more significant overhaul of the Guild Defence mechanic, which will come in a future patch.

Etherworld Combat
Player ether particles are now adjusted to be less intrusive on the screen.
Increased the chance for flux drops on spirits with more orbs.
Optimized the spirits.
Tweaked the range of spirit attacks.
Added extra checks to make sure the correct amount of orbs spawn with each spirit.
Spirit orbs that have been just created will no longer instantly all start attacking you. Instead they start their attack pattern one by one reducing the risk of them instantly draining all your Kau.
Amount of spirits dropped is now split between all damage dealers. If you and your friend each dealt 50% of the total damage you get 50% of the spirits dropped. Both of you have a chance to gain flux but the chance also scales with the amount of total damage done. The spirits will drop after you attack the body of the spirit when all orbs are destroyed, so make sure you have ‘Expel Spirit’ active when you finish the fight.
Spirits no longer spawn in houses.
You now need to catch at least 1 spirit to have a chance to get flux.
There are now effects and sounds when you catch spirits.
There are now effects and sounds when you gather flux.
Transcendental Seance now uses spawned AI instead of any AI for its calculations.
Slightly tweaked the calculations for Transcendental Seance.
Taking Kau damage in the ether now triggers damage indicators.
Fixed bug where tapping attack would deal more damage to spirit orbs than holding a steady aim.
Raised the max level of spirits.
Moved spirits orbs up a bit to avoid them going behind the spirit during combat
Catching spirits now fills up as many spirit boxes as it can. For example catching 200 spirits will now fill up 4 small spiritboxes instead of filling up just one.

Movement and Combat
Equipment hits to shields now drain stamina. The amount of stamina drained scales with the damage left over after it has been reduced by shield’s defense.
Fixed an issue that could cause the attack speed of a former weapon to persist when entering combat with a new weapon.
Fixed a bug that could cause the charge speed to be increased for a short time.

AI should now spawn again in the cave near Meduli.
Spawners can no longer spawn inside of houses.
Added better ways for spawners to keep track of their spawned avatars.
Fixed rare issue where spawners would simply stop spawning. This will hopefully address the issues with many spawners on Myrland not behaving correctly.

UI and Interactions
Fixed arrows stacking with equipped arrows.
Added a new UI element, the "Item Feed", which will display items obtained for a duration, and then fade out. We wanted to modernize our UI related to obtaining items and clean up the chat box a bit.
Fixed issue where in rare cases you would lose money if you paid for something and some of your money was in bags.
Fixed bug with login UI going invisible if you press logout too soon.

Buildables, Houses and Territory Control
Supply Lines now only provide a maximum of +20% Guild Defence regardless of how many your guild controls.

Lighting, Weather and Environment
Fixed problem that caused projectiles to be stuck in invisible walls in some places of the Celaeno Cave.
Fix collision problem on a rock outside Tindrem.
Some optimization for Undercroft dungeon.
Boss room doors at spider queen are now less transparent.

Game Rendering and Performance
Improved level streaming to make sure landscapes load correctly.

Known Issues
Several issues got introduced after upgrading Mortal Online 2 to UE5, some of which are listed below. We are working on identifying and solving the root cause for these issues.
The game sometimes gets invisible landscape patches. You can still run on them normally.
MO2Info at 02/07/24 8:07 AM

Patch Notes

Notable Changes
A new dungeon, the Undercroft, can now be found somewhere in the middle of Myrland.
Krampos has left Tindrem and will be back again next winter.
Added support for AMD FSR3 Upscaling and Frame Generation in the game settings. This is supported by all GPUs. Frame Generation requires DX12.
Fixed issue with the Epic Games Store version of the game not correctly saving UI settings.
Multiple changes have been made to improve both level streaming delays and game freezes. We are working actively to improve these issues.
The visual appearance of the heavy horse armor has been replaced.
Updated large parts of the spirit farming experience.

Etherworld Combat
You can no longer attack the body of a spirit if it still has active orbs.
Spirits now stop attacking their target if the target is banished.
Spirits now make a sound and have an effect when they appear.
Spirit orbs now have an effect and a sound when they charge their attack.
Spirit orb now reacts more when you cancel their attack.
Spirits now have better targeting.
Target timers for spirit orbs are now less random.
Spirits now play an animation when they have no orbs left.
Spirits now have better effects when they are removed.
Fixed issue where spirits would sometimes attack without the effect.
Fixed issue that made spirits less aggressive if there were banished players around.
Fixed some issues with the spirit particles.
Spirits no longer teleport.
Spirit Kau is no longer split between each orb.

Movement and Combat
Charging an attack until the charge circle blinks will now allow for a feint while maintaining the charged power. We will be keeping a close eye on this new combat mechanic for any necessary balance adjustments.
Increased one handed weapon miss recovery time to 500ms (was 360ms).
Increased Counter Reduction damage mitigation from 40% to 60%.
Increased swing normalization time slightly. This allows clients to sync attack animations better and will result in higher ping players experiencing less attacks going through parries.
Reduced the duration for disabling input while switching weapons and shields.
Added better handling of players going out-of-world-bounds.
Fixed rare issue that made weapons invisible for a short time after equipping a bow.
Fixed an issue where bows didn't do damage.

Removed default behavior for AI with bows that made them keep their distance to their target by moving away from the player. Some AI will still use this behavior though.
AI with both melee and ranged equipment should now switch to melee equipment more often when players come close to them.
Reworked AI ranged attack code, they will now miss like intended. 10% miss rate at 50% of max range, and up to 60% miss rate at 100% max range.
Fixed issue with enemies getting stuck doing nothing if their target moved out of range while they were charging their bow.
Spawners can no longer spawn inside of houses or territory structures.
Fixed an issue where traps/boss doors were being triggered when they should not have been.

UI and Interactions
Players that use /droploot with no items to drop will no longer drop an empty loot bag.
Fixed issue with language options impacting what commands you could use in the chat, for example emotes did not work while having language set to Swedish.
Fixed issue where pickable field instances could get stuck in a visible state despite being removed. This happened with the pickable bags during the Krampos event.
Fixed bug where aiming with a siege machine would continue to rotate slowly despite being aligned with the crosshair.

You will now gain XP for the magic school you are currently using based on the mana cost of the spell. This makes leveling magic schools much faster.
Updated tracing to improve aiming while using spells.

Attributes, Skills and Clade Gifts
Full Khurites, Sidoians and Kallards total attribute point pool was increased to 474.
'Stalker' Clade Gift should now work as intended and reduces the range at which you can be spotted by 30% (does not apply to guards) and decreases aggro generated by 10%.
Thursar clade gift 'Adamant' is now a togglable buff, you can freely toggle this on and off. The toggle has a 10 second cooldown.
Passive regen now ticks every 6 seconds from 0-1 instead of every 60 seconds from 0-10.

Mounts and Pets
Mount boost mode no longer turns off automatically.
Rider and passengers of a mount will now be knocked down upon abandoning the mount.
Reduced the duration for disabling input while mounting and dismounting.
Fixed issue causing pet equipment not to give defenses after crossing node lines.
Fixed an issue where mount stamina updates were inconsistent over time.
Fixed an issue where using the boost while riding a mount would drain too much stamina.
Fixed bugs where beast mastery buffs related to mount riding would sometimes last for too long.

Buildables, Houses and Territory Control
Guild NPCs that are killed now respawn after 20 minutes instead of 5 minutes.
Supply tower guild defense provided was reduced from 3% to 2%.

Lighting, Weather and Environment
Multiple fixes to landscapes, floating objects and some cleanup in dungeons.

Game Rendering and Performance
Updated engine settings to reduce image smearing and improve sharpness.
Made several changes to how items are handled on the server and the client, greatly reducing the performance cost of item handling.
Changed game compression settings and package structure to reduce disk read delays to improve game streaming. This greatly reduces the installation size but adds some CPU cost to the background threads. This will also cause future patches to download more data.
Change max FPS to be controlled by NVIDIA Reflex (when enabled) instead of by the engine. This means that if you have max FPS set at 60 and enable Frame Generation, it will respect that limit instead of doubling max FPS to 120. This also fixes an issue where Frame Generation would get framerate stutter in some scenes when locking the FPS.
Disabled multithreaded generation of creature fur to see if it is the cause for the game locking up several seconds for some players.
Fixed a rare client crash.
Fixed a crash when updating bow animations.
Made several large improvements on the server that should improve stability and greatly reduce server stalls.

Known Issues
Several issues got introduced after upgrading Mortal Online 2 to UE5, some of which are listed below. We are working on identifying and solving the root cause for these issues.
The game sometimes gets invisible landscape patches. You can still run on them normally.
The game sometimes freezes for several seconds.
Some players are experiencing extremely long streaming times causing parts of the world not to load in when moving around (missing landscapes, low resolution meshes and textures, etc).
MO2Info at 01/24/24 7:43 AM

Patch Notes

What’s New?
Krampos is back in Tindrem for the holidays and is sharing free raffle bags. Find the burned building in Tindrem and grab some bags for the chance to get something unique for this event.
Added new points of interest.
Added buildable bridges over some rivers.
Added NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency and DLSS Frame Generation to the game settings for supported GPUs.

Movement and Combat
Increase stamina gained on parries up to 15 (previously 10).
Parrying with a shield no longer grants stamina.
Fixed a few bugs where you would permanently block until doing another block. For example doing a block and opening a chest would get the player stuck in a block state.

Mounts and Pets
Multiple changes were made in an attempt to solve the “player gets launched into the air on dismount”bug. This bug is tricky to reproduce on demand and we had to use player recordings to figure out the cause. Please send a bug report if you still experience the issue after this patch.

Flags and Standing
Fixed a bug allowing you to loot players you were dueling.
Fixed issue for players who logged out as murderers would still be considered murderers upon login, even if they were below an updated minimum required murdercounts.
Fixed pets attacking murderers not turning the pet & owner local gray.

Tasks and Bounty Hunting
Removed the different bounty tiers.
You will now get a completely random murderer instead of one with murder counts within a range.
Updated Hunter task pools for each town to be more regional.
You will no longer be eligible for the "Quick Execution" bonus reward of tasks upon death.
Fixed bug causing you to gain progress for nonboss tasks if you also had a boss task and someone else got the last hit.

Guilds and Territory Control
Fixed an issue that caused the territory of a keep to reset when upgrading its tier.
Fixed an issue where Tier2 and Tier3 Guard Towers wouldn’t aggro criminals correctly at all times.
Fixed issue with blue TC priests blocking some players from being resurrected. They were checking for a positive standing even if they did not have a nation themselves.

Buildables, Houses and Territory Control Structures
Buildings which are still under construction now have their defence scale properly based on how fully built they are. Buildings are now much more vulnerable before they have been fully constructed. After a building has reached 100% health, its defence will stay at 100% until it is destroyed.
Fixed a strange texture on Keeps that switched appearance when far away.
Fixed issue where some roads were not blocking placement of buildings. Players could for example place buildings on the roads outside Fabernum and the Colored Forest.
Fixed an issue causing some buildings to be allowed to be placed too close to other buildings.

Server and Networking
Fixed a node crash related to AI targeting behavior.
Fixed issue with friend names not correctly working.

Characters, AI and NPCs
Sators now have ranged spit attacks.
Risars can now use bows when needed.
Tweaked Ambush spawners.
Decreased the spawn timer for Walking Dead General.
Fixed issue where switching between two identical armor parts, but with different materials, would not update the visual mesh. For example switching between a leather and wool part of the same type would update the stats but not what you see on the character.
Fixed issue where pet equipment would get artifacts when switching between two different types. For example switching between small and large bags on a bear would leave texture artifacts.
Fixed an issue where Forest trolls sometimes spawned on top of trees.

Items and Trinkets
Adjusted light intensity on player torches.
Blood Kua was reverted to its proper state.
Fixed cooking sometimes resulting in broken items.
Fixed a bug causing amulets to not give you the correct skill level for child skills upon login until re equipped.

UI and Interactions
Added new icons for Hunter and Warden task item.
Increased font size of guild name when targeting players.
Updated the UI messages for gathering, mining and woodcutting to be different from each other.
Updated the outlines of the nation and lawless zones in the map.
Fixed issue with whispers and friend names not always working.
Fixed issue where you would only get a message once when gathering or mining a resource, even though you were obtaining resources.
Fixed issue where UI did not properly update when attributes change. This includes attributes gained by trinkets.
Fixed holding shift while right clicking sometimes not opening the 'split window'.
Fixed a bug causing equipped items to disappear from the paperdoll if you moved them around just before equipping.
Fixed crash that could occur when trying to place a decoration in a house.
Fixed crash in the paperdoll when stats would update.
Fixed issue where the territory circles on the world map displayed incorrect sizes and would take a long time to update on login.
Fix an issue when items were split etc, they would not be valid for use until reopening the cooking UI.

Lighting, Weather and Environment
Removed an invisible wall on a mountain near Morin Khur.
Many art updates and fixes in multiple areas of the game. For example light adjustments, floating objects, dark meshes or flickering textures.
Fixed issue with the cave entrance being blocked at Cave Camp.
Fixed some meshes in tunnels that allowed players to hide inside rocks.
Fixed collision on grass in MK sewers that were blocking melee attacks.
Fixed a spot in the landscape where players would walk half way below ground.
Fixed issue with rocks and river textures being pixelated in the southern steppe.
Fixed gaps in Morin Khur and the Jungle where players could get stuck.
Fixed holes and gaps in the Rat tunnel and Mino and Necro dungeon floors.
Fixed water effects disappearing from spouts in Tindrem sewers.
Fixed missing collision on a fence.
Fixed blurry texture on roads outside Tindrem and Fabernum.
Fixed missing lightning strike effect.

Game Performance
Fixed issue where opening a UI window, like the pets window, would cause a loading stall.
Applied a patch from Epic to fix the issue where landscapes would lose collision when moving far distances like returning to priest. This patch allows us to restore some engine garbage collection settings that should reduce stutter when traveling in the world.

Known Issues
Several issues got introduced after upgrading Mortal Online 2 to UE5, some of which are listed below. We are working on identifying and solving the root cause for these issues.
The game crashes in the engine landscape system, often when teleporting to a priest over long distances.
The game sometimes freezes for several seconds.
Some players are experiencing extremely long streaming times causing parts of the world not to load in when moving around (missing landscapes, low resolution meshes and textures, etc).
MO2Info at 12/20/23 7:57 AM
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