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Beta Patch Notes

New clade gifts, plenty of fixes and a few but important combat adjustments! You can find the details about the clade gifts separated from the main patch notes further down.


  • Added so that counter dmg reduction now is printed in the combat log.
  • Added more info about overflowed skills.


  • Optimization: Some components in characters are now only created when needed.
  • Melee charge power curve changed. You now need to charge slightly longer before attacks do proper damage (spam attacks are weaker).
  • UI charge circle animation is now properly synchronized with melee, magic and ranged actions.
  • Melee charge speed increased.
  • Player now has to wait for a missed melee swing to fully recover before being able to do the next melee action (the recovery animation should now match the miss penalty duration).
  • Two handed weapon miss penalty increased.
  • Adjustments to existing tattoos.
  • Updated Cougar idle animation.
  • Updated Cougar face rig to not look weird when blinking.
  • Sator animation polish.
  • Updated Bear animations.
  • Brown bear mesh and fur updated.
  • Creatures now have randomized idles when not in combat.
  • Foliage optimization in one biome.
  • Sator dungeon polish.
  • AI that notice you but can’t see you will now investigate your last position
  • AI now scan for additional targets while in combat
  • Tweaked AI aggro calculations a bit
  • Fixed an issue where guards would attack other AI before any other target


  • Some fixes to creature physics assets (ragdoll/hitboxes).
  • Fixed missing effects for Troll.
  • Fixed a bunch of issues/bugs in the skill tree.
  • Split stack window should now auto-close when moving away.
  • Fixed invisible item bug after dragging an equipped item into a container slot.
  • Fixed issue causing right-clicks on items in action bars to not do anything.
  • Fixed issue with right clicking items into the mount bag which was almost full.
  • Fixed issue with guild member entries not getting generated.
  • You can now only move items if the container they belong to is visible/open.
  • You can now only equip items if they belong to a container that is visible/open.
  • Fix for weapons becoming invisible when resting.
  • Fur-related feature re-enabled after crash fix (fur plugin update).
  • Crash fix for fur when character is removed (fur plugin update).
  • Fix broken skin weights (deformations) on Female Kallard armor.
  • Fixed issue with clicking UI elements which caused you to stop moving.
  • Fixed floating priest outside Meduli.
  • Fixed priest stuck in a rock near Morin Khur.
  • Fixed NavMesh issues on big trees around Khurite villages.
  • Fixed a bunch of reported floating trees and rocks.
  • Fixed a couple of big landscape gaps.

Clade Gifts:

  • Added alvarin clade gift ‘Thaumaturge’ now gives you a 50% chance to not consume any reagents upon casting a spell successfully.
  • Added oghmir clade gift ‘Metalsmith’ which decreases metal material usage by 6% when crafting
  • Added human clade gift ‘Charismatic’ which gives 5% better prices when buying & selling from NPC’s
  • Added alvarin clade gift ‘Stalker’ reduces aggro range by 10%
  • Added alvarin clade gift ‘Plant shaper II’ which gives 10% higher yield when operating the herbologium and press workbenches
  • All clade warcries now have a 10min cooldown.
  • Adjusted human ‘Mental power’ clade gift cooldown to 4min.
  • Adjusted alvarin warcry buff, it now lasts 12sec.
  • Adjusted alvarin clade gift ‘Runner’s high’ it now lasts 20sec, increases stamina regen by 15% & increases movement speed by 3% with a 3min cooldown.
  • Adjusted alvarin clade gifts ‘Runner’ & Sprinter’ to +1.25% max speed each & they now give +5 max stamina.
  • Adjusted alvarin clade gift ‘True Sight’ weakspot chance to +5.
  • Adjusted alvarin clade gift ‘Mind Shield’ increased duration to 16sec & lowered cooldown to 6min.
  • Adjusted oghmir clade gift ‘Inhale’ by 20sec(now 40sec), increased health reserve cost by 10% (now drains 132 per sec).
  • Adjusted oghmir clade gift ‘rock solid’, lowered cooldown to 3min & increased duration to 16s.
  • Adjusted thursar clade gift ‘Styganthrope’ to increase by 3.33 health regen per 10sec and reduce healing received by 35%.
  • Adjusted thursar clade gift ‘Life Steal’ life steal amount to 25% per hit for 25 sec, reduced cooldown to 3min.
  • Adjusted thursar clade gift ‘Muscular’ to 3 str.
  • Adjusted thursar clade gift ‘Stocky’ to 3 con.
  • Adjusted thursar clade gift ‘Thick Skin’ now also gives +1 con.
  • Adjusted thursar clade gift ‘Large lungs’ now also gives +1 con.
  • Adjusted alvarin clade gift ‘Resting pulse’ to 3 additional stamina per sec
  • Adjusted alvarin clade gift ‘Alvarin Sight’ it now lasts 30 sec, sense characters from 40m(gets canceled by movement, & reveals players’ own loot bags), 3 min CD
  • Adjusted thursar clade gift ‘Battle cry’ now gives +20 raw str for 15sec, 8 min cd
  • Fixed issue with oghmir extraction clade gift where they got bonus yield for using any workbench.
  • Fixed issue causing alvarin clade gift ‘Mind Shield’ to decrease magic damage dealt, instead of decreasing magic damage taken as intended.
MO2Info at 07/20/21 8:09 AM

Updated Roadmap! July & August

MO2Info at 07/07/21 8:24 AM

Hotfix for

  • Added information about when an attribute is overflowed to the character sheet & tooltip.


    • Melee charge speed is now slightly slower.
    • Improved charge circle UI to better match the damage you deal.
    • Updated tattoos for Bet Huergar, Khurite and Tindremene.
    • Adjusted loot on Alchemist Bowman.
    • Updated localization from the community <3
    • Mounted velocity calculations remade to avoid spikes in velocity causing massive melee damage
    • Lowered the minimum damage you can do with melee.


    • Fixed bug where carry weight debuff didn't take clade gifts into account
    • Fixed ui bug in pets window
    • Fixed bug where you got stuck in the fullscreen paperdoll window if you had chat focused while going fullscreen mode
    • Fixed bug in skill tree which made it so you could only see one parent skill
    • Fixed Sator Dungeon spawn issues.
    • Fixed White Bear spawn issues.
    • Fixed flaming hammer.
    • Fixed UI bug in pets.
    • Fixed issue with people not being able to add things to the broker without the negotiation skill
    • Fixed annoying "you don't have a guild" message sent even if you were in a guild
    • Corrupt cast by AI should now correctly end
    • Magic spells that use buffs and debuffs should now work again
    • Fixed issue that made it impossible to add things to the broker.
    MO2Info at 07/02/21 12:43 PM
  • Beta Patch Notes


    • Added tattoos to character creation.
    • Added a tax when creating a listing on the broker.
    • Added new debuff Burning.
    • Added new debuff Bleeding.
    • Added new debuff Poision.
    • Added new debuff Open Wound.
    • Added the Grave Keeper.
    • Added the Troll.
    • Added the Alchemist Bowman.
    • Added camera shake to certain AI attacks.
    • Added Management and Negotiation skill books to Librarians.
    • Added the aiming technique and marksmanship skill book to the Khurite Trainer.
    • Added Ironfur book to animist librarian.
    • Added Resolution Scale option to the video options.
    • Added the Management and Negotiation skill in the player skill list.
    • Added Potion Utilization skill in the player skill list.


    • Decreased charge and swing speed on all weapons.
    • Lowered extraction timers on all appliances.
    • You can now unequip an item using its actionbar slot.
    • Skill window now shows experience & progress to next level instead of progress to max level.
    • Adjusted broker listings per page & broker scroll speed.
    • New characters minimum name length decreased to 3
    • New characters maximum name length decreased to 14
    • AI can now cast all spells players can cast.
    • Thursar regeneration clade gift now impacts bandage heals.
    • AI with both ranged and melee equipment now make better decisions on what weapon to use when starting a fight.
    • AI can now trigger special attacks on targets that are in mercy mode.
    • AI can now have special self heal attacks.
    • AI can now use bandages.
    • AI in groups can now cast buffs and heals on other people in the same group.
    • AI attacks that require the AI to stand still now force them to stand still to avoid sliding.
    • Massive code cleanup for better server stability.
    • Logging out unsafe now takes 2 minutes and fully logout you and your pets.
    • AI now only move closer to their target if they mainly use melee attacks.
    • AI that spawn AI now chose better spawn points.
    • AI with equipment can now do better combo attacks.
    • AI with equipment can now add buffs.
    • AI with bows will now move away from targets that are close.
    • AI without bows can now use ranged attacks.
    • Improved Line Of Sight calculations for AI.
    • Power for Melee swings are now linear instead of break point based.
    • Swing and block delay from missing a swing increased.
    • Hitting objects when swinging will now give a delay to starting a new block or swing same as missing a swing.
    • Doing a counter swing now gives reduced melee damage taken for a short time.
    • Massive client sided rework of several systems. This should greatly improve stability on the client.
    • Improved multi-thread rendering option.
    • Improved loading and unloading of the HUD.
    • Restructured the HUD code to fix rare crash.
    • Updated fur.
    • Re-added fur on all creatures.


    • Fixed some ui issues in skills window.
    • Fixed bug placing an item/spell etc on a disabled actionbar slot will no longer make it disabled.
    • Fixed issue where you would stand up if you rotated while resting.
    • AI should now stand at a better distance from the player and other AI.
    • Fixed issue with horsebags and some normal bags being removed after server restarts.
    • Fixed server issue with items that had really long names causing issues when added to the broker.
    • Fixed an issue were Extraction didn't provide the correct amount based on lore skills.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Resting skill to get interrupted by turning.
    • Fixed broken scale on shields.
    • Possibly fixed creatures trying to walk on terrain under the terrain they should walk on.
    • Fixed issue with Sators not being grounded.
    • Fixed the crash caused by fur.
    • Fixed issue with wolf movement animation.
    • Fixed movement issue when the player had very high FPS and was at the boarders of the world.
    • Fixed issue with resting skill being interrupted as soon as the player sat down.
    • Fixed issue that made AI look at their feet.
    • Fixed issue where you could end up in a strange state if your mount was killed while you were mounting.
    • Fixed other issues with mounts being removed while the player was still mounted.
    • Fixed issue with players sometimes being loaded a couple of meters away from where they should be.
    • Fixed issues with some LODs not correctly fitting the armors.
    • Fix issue with players not sitting on their horse when loading in.
    • Fixed issue with Sators not being able to move and attack at the same time in animation causing them to slide.
    • AI would sometimes get stuck in a slow-mo moving pose while in mercy mode. They should now properly stop.
    • World fixes.

    Known Issues:
  • Ai inside dungeons can still spawn in strange places such as walls and floors.
    MO2Info at 06/30/21 9:53 AM
  • Beta HotFix

    A couple of days and we already have a hotfix for you!
    Haven is now a safe logout zone, the broker got some fixes, several crashes have been solved and the game now uses multi-threaded rendering that boosts performance up to 40+ FPS in some places!


    • Added missing Trade Broker to Tindrem.
    • Added ironwool book to Animist.
    • Added +4 Attribute points to Veela and Sheevra.
    • Added video option for Multi-threaded Rendering to utilize multi-core processors. Will improve performance on newer hardware. Can cause hitches
    • and lower FPS on weak hardware.
    • Added Haven logout zone.


    • Removed the ability to sell bags on the broker, because it's not ready yet.
    • Updated Bears ragdoll and collision.
    • Updated Nitre Worker locomotion.
    • Updated Sator size.


    • Broker 'Active page index' didn't reset after changing filter/category.
    • Broker 'player coins' should now get updated properly.
    • Removed floating landscape piece NE of Meduli Ruins.
    • Fixed Risar one handed hammer handle having a bad grip point (character would grab it near the head).
    • Various fixes in Meduli such as adjusting/moving lights in buildings.
    • Crash fix: Turned off Garbage Collection clustering as it is affecting some users when logging in.
    • Crash fix: Game no longer crashes when retrieving melon course leaderboard results.
    • Fixed weird collision on floor tiles in Tindrem causing characters to float a bit in the air.
    • Fixed some animals being slightly above the ground in their assets.
    • Fixed issue related to closing broker 'sell panel' with esc.
    • Fixed Elder Nitre Worker that would not correctly align to ground.
    • Fixed collision issues on both young and Alpha Dire Wolfs.
    • Fixed Meduli fountain water gathering.
    • Fixed a crash related to displaying a screen message when casting a spell.
    • Fixed a crash related to changing movement speed while mounted on a horse.
    • Fixed an EAC error.
    • Fixes and improvements to some streaming levels.
    • Optimization: Core code refactoring that saves a few CPU cycles.
    • Crash fix: Some users would experience a crash when shutting down the game.
    • Crash fix: Paperdoll stats would sometimes crash when updating.
    • Crash fix: Crafting previews would sometimes cause a crash when done.
    • Fixed issue with max page number in broker not updating properly.
    • Fixed an issue where you couldn't swim in certain waters.
    • Fixed Toxai logout zone.
    • World and City fixes.
    • Fixed an issue with magic effects not being placed properly in the hands of the caster, causing the effect to appear some distance away from the hands.
    • Fixed issue with spell effects not showing correctly on the target of the spell.

    Known Issues:

    • There's sometimes an item missing in the broker panel 'my market', this is getting looked into.
    • Closing the broker 'Sell' panel with 'esc' causes weird behavior, you might need to press esc again once broker window is opened in order to use the broker again.
    • Some guard patrol paths are wrong. Some guards walk off-path, taking shortcuts or walk over some objects. The paths will be improved at a later time.
    • AI does not avoid walking through other characters at the moment. The so called "crowd movement" in the engine had to be removed when we replaced the AI movement. We are working on replacing it with our own.
    • Pets follow the owner at irregular speeds.
    • AI movement can be erratic, sometimes causing abrupt sprints.
    • Fur is turned off.
    MO2Info at 06/16/21 10:45 AM
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