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This fan page is dedicated to all things Mortal Online 2. The game has launched on Jan. 25th, 2022! We will be updating the site in the coming weeks for all the lastest game features, crafting, skills and clades! Stay tuned...

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Latest News:

Patch Notes

Journal entry for discovering Shinarian Labyrinth should now work.
Wisent bags added.
Fixed issue causing Siege status to not properly sync when a new node takes over
/e, /emote no longer crashes the client.
Fixed rare node crash.
Updated mastery tooltips
Tribesmen AI in Shinarian labyrinth now uses spear instead of sword
Title lists now sort unlocked title A-Z and locked titles in % left until unlocked.
Mastery Summary now shows with one decimal.
Tooltip for mastery xp bar now shows how much more xp you need to get to the next level.
Remove white part of the mastery xp bar.
Fixed Twitch reward not showing up among rewards correctly.
Performance optimization for the latest dungeon.
Updated how Haven instances are chosen. Upon login, you are now placed in a populated Haven instance instead of a random one. This makes it easier to play with friends, as you only need to relog to both end up in the same instance.
MO2Info at 07/05/24 9:27 AM

Patch Notes

Mastery System
This patch introduces the Mastery System.
After reaching clade level 20, any Glory that your character earns will contribute to your Mastery Experience. You can open the Mastery System by pressing “Y” or using the micro tab at the bottom of your screen once you have reached level 20.

You can unlock 1000 levels of Mastery and spend 110 Mastery Points on 440+ different mastery Gifts. Levels beyond 110 currently unlock titles.

To unlock a Mastery Gift simply hold down the left mouse while hovering it in the tree. Some Mastery Gifts require an item to unlock and you can only unlock a gift if you have unlocked its parent gift first.

You can at any point refund a Mastery Gift and get your Mastery Point back by holding the left mouse button on an unlocked gift with no unlocked children. This requires you to have one Shard Of Oblivion that will be spent when you refund the gift.

Each clade has a slightly different Mastery Tree but most of the gifts are shared between all clades.

Mastery Gift Types
Action Point Pool
Profession Point Pool
Raw Constitution
Raw Strength
Raw Dexterity
Raw Intelligence
Raw Psyche
Maximum Health
AI Damage Resistance
Tamed Pet Damage Resistance
Dominated Pet Damage Resistance
Ritual Pet Damage Resistance
Untamed AI Damage Resistance
Physical Resistance
Slashing Resistance
Pierce Resistance
Blunt Resistance
Health Regeneration
Thirst Regeneration
Maximum Thirst
Magic Damage Resistance
Ecumenical Damage Resistance
Spiritism Damage Resistance
Necromancy Damage Resistance
Elemental Damage Resistance
Melee Damage Bonus
Slashing Damage
Pierce Damage
Blunt Damage
Damage to AI
Damage to Tamed Pets
Damage to Dominated Pets
Damage to Ritual Pets
Damage to Untamed AI
Free Armor Weight
Free Carry Weight
Maximum Stamina
Bow Draw Speed
Stamina Regeneration
Jump Height
Fall Damage Reduction
Weak Spot Chance
Marksmanship Weak Spot Chance
Bow Sway Reduction
Maximum Mana
Mana Regeneration
Minimum Mana Regeneration
Spell Power
Ecumenical Spell Power
Spiritism Spell Power
Necromancy Spell Power
Elementalism Spell Power
Chance to Ignore Spell Interrupt
Mana Cost
Ecumenical Mana Cost
Spiritism Mana Cost
Necromancy Mana Cost
Elementalism Mana Cost
Human Warcry Cooldown
Human Warcry Duration
Human Warcry Magic Damage Resistance
Mental Power Cooldown
Mental Power Duration
Mental Power Magic Damage Resistance
Cleric Minimum Mana Regeneration
Cleric Minimum Mana Regeneration
Mana Regeneration Penalty Threshhold
Action Point Pool
Action Point Pool
Profession Point Pool
Alvarin Warcry Cooldown
Alvarin Warcry Duration
Alvarin Warcry Movement Speed
Runner's High Cooldown
Runner's High Duration
Runner's High Movement Speed
Mind Shield Cooldown
Mind Shield Duration
Mind Shield Magic Damage Resistance
Alvarin Sight Cooldown
Archer's Shoulder
Melee Damage Bonus
Oghmir Warcry Cooldown
Oghmir Warcry Duration
Oghmir Warcry Physical Damage Resistance
Rock Solid Cooldown
Rock Solid Duration
Rock Solid Physical Damage Resistance
Inhale Cooldown
Inhale Health Reserve Drain
Inhale Health Gained
Strong Back
Thursar Warcry Cooldown
Thursar Warcry Duration
Thursar Warcry Melee Damage Bonus
Life Steal Cooldown
Life Steal Duration
Life Steal Health Gained
Battle Cry Cooldown
Battle Cry Duration
Battle Cry Strength Increase
Adrenaline Cooldown
Adrenaline Duration
Styganthrope Healing Received

Mastery Gifts
Added 20 new titles and achievements to unlock.
Added Mastery Level to the Steam and EOS leaderboards.

Mounts and Pets
Wisents are now rideable.
Reduced the pet point cost of Wisents to be closer to horses.
Reduced the Taming skill required to tame a Wisent to be closer to horses.
Increased pet damage penalty while not having Beast Mastery from 25% to 50% at 0 Beast Mastery. Pets will now deal half damage if you do not have the Beast Mastery skill.
Fixed an issue where cougars Precise Bite animation did not play.
Increased carcass needed to create a Risen Wisent.
Fixed a couple of Lykiator Beastmaster attacks that couldn't be used when mounted.

Balance Changes
Poleaxes are now 15% faster to swing
You now gain 3 Supply per 100m transported when completing a Supply run, up from 1 per 100m.
Increased maximum Supply gained per Supply Goods from 100 to 300.

Increased the maximum effect strength tier 2 trinket gems can have when identified or rerolled.

Fixed Drakon task not giving progress when picking from a spawn near Meduli.
Fishing and foraging now have titles and achievements to unlock.
Added leaderboards on Steam and EOS for all tasks.

Skills and Clade Gifts
Inhale: Increased Health Reserve drained per tick from 150 to 175
Inhale: Reduced Health Gained per tick from 12 to 11
Inhale: Increased cooldown from 40s to 50s
Removed the psyche cost of performing rituals.
Removed Taste Identification skill.
Fixed issue where bandages were giving 9 Anatomy xp instead of 90.

AI, Creatures and NPCs
Increased life time before AI loot despawns from 300 to 480 seconds.

New armor added: Kallardian Banded

UI and Interactions
Lowered the required rank to promote/demote in guilds from 9 to 7.
Fixed an issue with the map where large territories would cause an offset
Fixed issue in the haven city select UI, where you get a prompt for deleting an item when dragging it to the slot.
Melee Damage Bonus now shows with one decimal.
Fixed issue with micro tabs not showing tooltips if they were not assigned a key.
Added support for shortcut chat command “/e” to emote. So “/e” is the same as the “/emote” chat command.

Added keybind for opening the mastery system “Y”

Lighting, Weather and Environment
Fixed a lot of the holes in the terrain and environment.
Fixed a lot of floating trees.
New dungeon added: Shinarian Labyrinth

Server and Networking
Optimized some text messages sent from the server to clients.
Rebuilt how projectiles are updated on the server.
Fixed a rare crash caused by fleeing AI.
Fixed a rare crash in projectiles.

Potion VFX color when drinking is now changed based on the color value of the potion item itself.
Potion VFX is now visually less filled when your potion item has less amount to drink left.

Updated NVIDIA DLSS plugin to version 3.7.2. nvngx_dlss.dll version

You can no longer damage houses with melee if criminal actions are disabled.
Removed Epic's engine plugin Animation Budget Allocator because it caused engine instability and crashes in other systems like Niagara.
Fixed an issue with ranged combat not giving correct damage if the damage was very high.
Fixed a potential crash caused by AI casting Projectiles.
Fixed issue where riding did not correctly use the Armor Weight to decide if the rider should be thrown off or not.
Fixed issues with the Might leaderboard on Steam.
All leaderboards added to EOS.
MO2Info at 07/03/24 6:26 AM

Patch Notes

Updated haven instances so that more new players start on the same Haven instances.
You now need to be Clade level 5 to leave haven.
Fixed tutorial step with returning to graveyard vendor not showing a visual hint on where to go.
Fixed not being able to combine the Warden's Seal halves to obtain the Fledgling Cape on Haven.

Mounts and Pets
Added craftable lykiator bags.
Lykiators can now be traded in the pet broker.
Increased Lykiator passive Slash and Pierce defences
Slightly increased passive Lykiator blunt defence
Increased Lykiator passive health regeneration

Balance Changes
Bows now start to lose damage when below 20% durability. Like melee weapons.

Updated Fishing task balance. Higher renown tasks now require fewer catches to complete on average, and are more rewarding. The list of tasks each towns fishing taskmaster has is now more localized to fish that can be found closer to the town.
Fixed issue that resulted in the foraging taskmasters in each town having an incorrect list of available tasks. Available foraging tasks should be more localized for each town.

Skills and Clade Gifts
Ironfur lore no longer auto learns.

AI, Creatures and NPCs
Tweaked attack timings on Belbus and Nightsnatcher.
Tweaked attack timing in Lykiators Beastmastry attacks.
Fixed issue with some Bandits spawning inside walls in Haven cave
Haven troll no longer gives Ironfur when extracted.
Lykiators now uses the correct zoology skill.
Fix visual texture issues on crafted pet bags.
Slightly reduced Brute move speed.

UI and Interactions
Made some minor tweaks to the look of the compass to make it more visible in brighter light.
Fixed so gender doesn't get reset when selecting "Custom Build" in character creation.
You can now create buy orders for fish in the broker.
Added a lot more journal lore.

Removed default behavior of Left/Right arrow keys turning the camera. Add new keybinds for LookUp, LookDown, TurnLeft, TurnRight that can be bound to keyboard input to restore the old behavior.

Lighting, Weather and Environment
Fixed floor in the rat cave.

Fixed large rock proxy meshes around Sylvan Sanctum.
Updated Lykiator head materials.
Fixed issue with animation budget allocator causing armor parts to randomly stop following player bodies.

Fixed an issue where Librarians could take your money if you added coins but didn’t buy anything.
Fixed Risen Lykiators having Beastmastery abilities.
Fixed issue with Defensive Stance skill not correctly working.
Fixed issue with Mana Regeneration skill not correctly working.
Fixed issue with Unarmed Technique skill not correctly working.
Fixed issue with Spiritism skill not correctly working.
Fixed missing Lykiator beastmastery skill.
Fixed outburst buff being called fireball.
Fixed broken task NPC in Hyllspeia.
MO2Info at 06/11/24 9:20 AM

Patch Notes

What’s New?
This patch has a huge focus on updating the new player experience, updating and improving many areas of the early game. In this patch we also see the introduction of two new task types, Fishing and Foraging, the addition of build presets to character creation and a new mount, the Lykiator!
Haven has seen a substantial rework of the starting experience and tutorial steps, with the addition of a taming tutorial for obtaining your first horse, followed by integrating the task systems where new players will complete their first tasks.
The Rat Cave on Haven has also received a decorative touch up, more content, and now also includes a boss to fight at the end.

Guild Finder
We have added a brand new way for players to connect to a new guild and for guilds to find new players: the Guild Finder.
Once you have left Haven you can open the guild finder by pressing G, the guild finder can also be found among the micro tabs in the lower middle of the screen.
Using this tool you can set up search criterias and search for guilds that could suit your style.
Guild Members at rank 8 or above can use the guild finder to setup their Guild Profile, once the profile is filled in other people using the guild finder can find and contact or directly join your guild if allowed.

New tasks
Fishing tasks have been added to all cities.
Foraging tasks have been added to all cities.

Mounts and Pets
Slightly decreased Black Bear unmounted chase speed.
Slightly decreased Brown Bear unmounted chase speed.
Slightly decreased White Bear unmounted chase speed.
Slightly decreased Taur Dog unmounted chase speed.
Slightly decreased Wolf unmounted chase speed.
Slightly decreased Belbus chase speed.
Lowered chance to get knocked down by low riding skill and increased skill gain when knocked down.
Added small feedback message for when a pet loses health due to hunger.

Balance Changes
Removed the random element when healing using bandages. You will now always heal the same amount between 10
40 health based on your Anatomy skill level. Previously you would get healed in the range of 28
53 when at 100 anatomy skill.
Pets now always get healed 30 health (+ 0
10% of it's max health based on your veterinary skill).
Note that taking 10+ damage during the bandage effect still significantly reduces the amount healed by bandages.

Trinkets that gave skill levels to survival now give levels to swimming instead.

Renown capped at 300 on Haven
Changed the text shown when you get a new task to be more descriptive.
Task waymarkers on the horizontal compass now show task progress.
Adjusted the spawn rate of most pickable spawners.

Skills and Clade Gifts
Capped the maximum Clade Level you can reach on Haven to 8.
Fixed an issue where 'time left' for books didn't take the human clade gift for reading into account.
Removed chance to not get anything when you are mining or woodcutting
Removed all secondary parents from the skill system.
Sprinting skill now impacts stamina drain more when sprinting. Stamina drain at 100 skill is unchanged.

Action Skills
Removed 'Unarmed Technique' from 'Combat Techniques' parent. 'Unarmed Technique' is now only a child of 'Brawling'.
Removed 'Armor Training' from 'Sprinting' parent. 'Armor Training' is now only a child of 'Combat Manouvering'.
Removed 'Resistance Swimming' from 'Endurance' parent. It is now only a child of 'Swimming'.
Removed 'Mounted Archery' from 'Archery' parent. 'Mounted Archery' is now only a child of 'Controlled Riding'.
Removed 'Mounted Combat' from 'Melee Combat' parent. 'Mounted Combat' is now only a child of 'Controlled Riding'.
Removed 'Poleaxes' from 'Spears' & 'Axes' parents. 'Poleaxes' is now a child of 'Melee Combat' like the other weapon groups.
Changed 'Poleaxes' to now be a Primary skill.
Removed 'Poleswords' from 'Spears' & 'Swords' parents. 'Poleswords' is now a child of 'Melee Combat' like the other weapon groups.
Changed 'Poleswords' to now be a Primary skill.
Removed 'Active Regeneration' from 'Resting' parent. 'Active Regeneration' is now only a child of 'Endurance'.
Removed 'Meditation' from 'Resting' parent. 'Meditation' is now only a child of 'Vitalism'.
Removed 'Resting' skill and made the effective 100 default behavior. All new characters will now rest with full effectiveness.
Removed 'Unarmed Blocking' skill.
Removed 'Blocking Endurance' skill and made level 100 the default behavior.
Removed 'Momentum' skill and made level 100 the default behavior.
Removed 'Combat Movement' skill and made level 100 the default behavior.
Removed 'Feint' skill and made level 100 the default behavior.
Removed 'Damage Assessment' skill.
Increased 'Anatomy' experience gained from using a bandage to 90.
Removed 'Swimming' from 'Survival' parent. 'Swimming' is now a child of 'Athletics'
Changed 'Swimming' to now be a Primary skill.
Removed 'Survival' skill.
Moved 'Combat Balance' skill to now be a child of 'Balance'
Moved 'Balance' skill to now be a child of 'Athletics'
Removed 'Footspeed' skill and made level 100 the default behavior.
Removed 'Breathing Technique' skill and made level 100 the default behavior.

Profession Skills
Removed 'Alchemical Dissolvents' from 'Alchemy' parent. 'Alchemical Dissolvents' is now only a child of 'Petrology'.
Removed 'Alchemy Contraptions' from 'Alchemy' parent. 'Alchemy Contraptions' is now only a child of 'Crafting Appliances'.
Removed 'Cuprite Lore' from 'Alchemy' parent. 'Cuprite Lore' is now only a child of 'Alchemical Mineralogy'.
Removed 'Arthropod Produce Lore' from 'Arthropoda' parent. 'Arthropod Produce Lore' is now only a child of 'Animal Materials'.
Removed 'Honey Lore' from 'Arthropoda' parent. 'Honey Lore' is now only a child of 'Arthropod Produce Lore'.
Fixed duplicate of 'Honey Lore' under 'Arthropod Produce Lore'.
Removed 'Wool Lore' from 'Textile Lore' parent. 'Wool Lore' is now only a child of 'Fur Lore'.
Removed 'Ironwool Lore' from 'Textile Lore' parent. 'Ironwool Lore' is now only a child of 'Fur Lore'.
Removed 'Asymmetrical Bow Crafting' from 'Recurve Bow Mechanics' parent. 'Asymmetrical Bow Crafting' is now only a child of 'Long Bow Crafting'.
Removed 'Axe Crafting' from 'Blunt Weapon Crafting' parent. 'Axe Crafting' is now only a child of 'Basic Blade Crafting'.
Removed 'Silk Lore' from 'Textile Lore' parent. 'Silk Lore' is now a child of 'Arthropod Produce Lore'.
Removed 'Ironsilk Lore' from 'Textile Lore' parent. 'Ironsilk Lore' is now a child of 'Arthropod Produce Lore'.
Removed 'Bloodsilk Lore' from 'Textile Lore' parent. 'Bloodsilk Lore' is now a child of 'Arthropod Produce Lore'.
Changed 'Arthropod Produce Lore' to now be a Primary skill.
Removed 'Cotton Lore' from 'Textile Lore' parent. 'Cotton Lore' is now a child of 'Botany'.
Removed 'Textile Lore' skill.
Removed 'Recurve Bow Mechanics' from 'Composite Bow Composition' parent. 'Recurve Bow Mechanics' is now a child of 'Decurve Bow Mechanics'.
Removed 'Composite Bow Composition' from 'Bowyery' parent. 'Composite Bow Composition' is now a child of 'Self Bow Composition'.
Removed 'Alchemical Mineralogy' from 'Petrology' parent. 'Alchemical Mineralogy' is now a child of 'Mineralogy'.
Removed ‘Reading’ skill and made level 100 the default behavior. All new characters will now read with full effectiveness.
AI, Creatures and NPCs
Taur Dog animations have been adjusted to better sync with animation and damage.
Added better support for ambush spawners.
AI spawned using ambush spawners now also shows a compass marker when you have an active task to kill them.
Removed flee chance from Bandit Leaders.
Fixed the small leash radius of a certain Risar camp.
Improved group fleeing behavior to avoid AI "loop fleeing"
Improved fleeing AI that reaches their leash limit.
Equerry is now called Stable Master.
Taskmasters now sell more basic items for their task coins.
Reworked the ambush spawner code.
Chicken and pigs are now easier to tame.
Tweaked ambush spawners to not spawn in cities and dungeons.
Removed push from undead attacks.
Added a small message for when your pet is low on loyalty and should be cared for.

UI and Interactions
Added a new starting panel in character creation for selecting premade builds. Using the freeform character creator is still possible via the 'custom build' option.
Added a new UI, the Guild Finder.
Added a togglable state for weight that consists of ‘Locked’, ‘Decrease’ and ‘Increase’ states. Locked will cause you to never gain or lose weight (your max health reserve can not change), Decrease means weight can only decrease, and increase means weight can only increase.
The loading screen tips have been updated with more useful tips.
Added many new entries to the Journal which were previously empty.
Updated Journal entries for every town to be more descriptive.
Added Journal to the micro tabs (default keybind J).
Added Guild Finder to the micro tabs (default keybind G).
Update the guild member statistics tooltip.
Fixed a description error in the reputation tab.
Adjustments to character positions in main menu
Updated the TC siege window UI art.
Updated Task system UI.
Added a different message when trying to ride when encumbered, based on armor or inventory weight encumbrance.
Fixed brief game freeze related to initialization of keybinds during game startup and when changing game options.
Fixed an issue with the Guild Window/Territory Window not displaying information.
Changed how markers on the compass look and act.
Fixed an issue where "Auto gathering" would start before fully finishing the interaction circle once.
Tutorials now highlight micro tabs.
Vendor items with long names now clip instead of scale.
Task/Tutorial tracker is now darker.
Opening most crafting UI's now require you to hold R for 0.25s instead of 1.0s
Opening most NPC UI's now require you to hold R for 0.25s instead of 1.0s
Minor tweaks to the look of the social window.
Added a large amount of pictures (thank you ATC Forgiven) to the journal.
You no longer have to be friends to whisper another player.
Added option to only show whispers from friends and guild members in the settings
Journal discoveries like dungeons now show up on the map once found. These will show information from the journal when hovered.
Updated the fanfare you get when you gain a clade level or add something to your journal etc.
Fanfare can now highlight the microtabs in the lower center of the screen to indicate that you for example have unspent clade levels.
Updated the map UI so that it no longer zooms by simply making the entire UI larger.
If you are close to a taskmaster it now always shows on the compass.
Added a lot more languages to the guild finder.
You now get fanfare when completing a tutorial type.
Updated a lot of journal entries.
Added so Vendors that only take specific items as payment will now not take more items than needed to pay for what you are buying from them.
Fixed an issue where Tasks could be brought from Haven to Myrland.
Tutorial and task markers now show up on the map.
You can now discover individual entries in the journal even if they do not have separate journal entries. For example you get discovery for each spider cave but there is just one journal entry.
Updated the UI when you leave Haven.
Fixed a bug that made it so that you could not take out items when moving them from Haven to Myrland.
You can now bring any quantity of equipment from Haven to Myrland.
You can now bring 10G instead of 3G from Haven to Myrland.

Added keybind profiles. Existing keybinds will be reset to use the new profile system.
You can add/change/rename profiles in the game options. Keybind profiles are saved in GameUserSettings.ini.
You can associate a preferred profile with your Main and Second character. The game will auto
switch to the preferred profile when you login.

Sound and Audio
Fixed vendor sounds not being affected by the volume slider.

Lighting, Weather and Environment
Fixed a bug where parts of dungeons would not be fully loaded when logging in causing players to fall through the world.
Fixed bug where some rooms in dungeons would randomly not appear to the player no matter how long they waited nearby.

Server and Networking
Added localized server regions for dungeons to improve client and server performance. Players will no longer retrieve updates from the server for things like characters and loot from inside the dungeon when outside on the surface and vice-versa. This is only applied to the Tindrem Sewers for an initial run. It will be applied to the rest of the world in the next patch.
Pets cannot be given commands across server regions. This means that a pet inside a dungeon can no longer receive commands by a player outside a dungeon. This change only applies for Tindrem Sewers in this patch and will apply to all dungeons in the next patch.
Fixed issue with player movement updates that caused excessive rubberbanding during network lag. Players with bad network connections moved erratically and were hard to fight in battles.
Fixed issue where secondary characters that claimed an account reward would have that reward removed after a certain time.
Removed AFK kick timer.
Fixed a couple of rare node crashes.

Add a cliff back that was removed by mistake in the northern parts of the world.
Fixed beard being removed by the rustic garments hat.
Various environmental fixes.
Several collision Fixes on various objects and pillars.

We have optimized multiple parts related to character animations and meshes to improve CPU performance when many characters are present.
All character animations are now compressed using the engine ACL plugin. The previous update with ACL was only partially applied to the game.
Applied the engine animation budget allocator to character meshes.
Animation logic adjustments to reduce the need for animation sampling.
Reduced CPU usage for the paper doll character by disabling its collisions.
Cleanup of unused and deprecated anim curves.

Updated AMD FSR plugin to version UE5.3 3.0.4.
Updated NVIDIA DLSS plugin to UE5.3 3.7.0b (DLSS DLL version
DLSS preset changed from Preset C to Preset E.

Fixed being able to buy items & create buy orders on the broker using stolen gold.
MO2Info at 06/11/24 9:19 AM

Patch Notes

What’s New?
This patch brings the addition of a second character slot for everyone, a new dungeon to explore, new sieging mechanics, more rideable mounts and of course lots of bug fixes, quality of life improvements and balance changes!

Second Character Slot
Added a second character slot, now available on all accounts.
Second character and main character both share one player house.
Removed surname from character creation.

New Dungeon
A new dungeon, the Sylvan Sanctum, can now be found somewhere on Myrland.

Siege Changes
This patch includes a new system for how sieging occurs. One of the primary goals of the new system is to increase player participation during sieges, by ensuring both parties have ample time to prepare for and engage with the event.
There are a lot of changes here, and we can't wait to see what you do with them!
Don't forget to give us your feedback about your thoughts and experiences with the new mechanics, as it will help us to improve and refine them wherever necessary.

Managing Sieges
A new 'Siege' tab can now be found in the Social UI.
This new UI tab shows the controls for declaring a siege against another guild, as well as viewing pending and active sieges.
You must be rank 6+ (Commander) to declare a siege or respond to a siege declaration.
Declaring a siege costs 500 Gold and 10000 Prominence.
Finished buildings need to exist for 24 hours before being eligible to receive Siege Protection.

Once a siege is declared, the guild being sieged:
Receives a guild-wide fanfare.
Can now see the pending siege in their ‘Siege’ tab of the Social UI.
Is prompted in the ‘Siege’ tab to choose how many hours they wish to delay the siege window by. The maximum number of hours that can be added is 24. If no hours are added, the siege will start 24 hours after the siege was declared.
Must respond to the declared siege within 24 hours or it will start automatically.
Once the guild being sieged has responded with the added hours, the response is sent to the guild who declared the siege, a countdown until the siege starts will be visible to both guilds in the ‘Siege’ UI.
You can only declare a maximum of 10 Sieges at a time.
There is no limit to how many times you can be sieged by other guilds simultaneously.
You can not declare a siege against a guild which you already have a pending or active siege with.
While a guild has a pending or active Siege, Claiming Stones can not be removed from player houses that belong to that guild. This is to prevent guilds from unclaiming their assets once a siege has been declared.

Starting a Siege
Guild members receive a fanfare when the siege window starts and ends.
There are two states, protected and vulnerable.
While protected, every guilded structure has 100% defence bonus regardless of if it is being affected by a nearby Supply Storehouse or Supply Line.
The vulnerability window is 6 hours long, starting from when the siege countdown reaches zero.
When entering the vulnerability window, all affected structure defence bonuses are returned to their normal value. (This means if they were being affected by a Supply Storehouse, they will have this defence bonus)
When the vulnerability window ends, all affected structure defence bonuses are instantly increased to 100%.
If a siege is still ongoing when the vulnerability window ends, the siege is considered a failure and the attackers must try again next time.
Structures which are still “Under Construction” are not invulnerable during the protected window.

Added a new light armor set, “Rustic Garments”.
Bear and Taurdog armors are now craftable. Taurdogs use the same equipment as bears.
Increased weight of newly crafted tower shields. Existing tower shields will be retroactively updated in a future update.
Fixed wrong textures on Risar berserker cape when equipped by a female character.
Fixed issue with pet crafting allowing you to be able to craft unreleased equipment in the game. This allowed players to craft bear armors in the previous patch before they were ready for release.

Mounts and Pets
Taurdogs and ritual versions are now mountable.
Cougars, Panthers and ritual versions are now mountable.
Fixed Campodon armor using the wrong icon.
Fixed Campodon armor being mismatched when used on the risen version.
Fixed a bug where mount passengers could remain in combat mode.

Balance Changes for Mounts
Increased Wolf stamina from 1200 to 1300
Increased Wolf 2nd speed from 650 to 660
Increased Wolf 3rd speed from 800 to 850
Increased Wolf 4th speed from 960 to 1008
Increased Wolf Rider Weight Capacity from 60-84kg to 85-119kg
Risen Direwolf stamina is now 1200 as intended, instead of 1000.
Increased Direwolf stamina from 1000 to 1200
Increased Direwolf 2nd speed from 640 to 650
Increased Direwolf 3rd speed from 790 to 840
Increased Direwolf 4th speed from 1027 to 1092
Increased Direwolf Rider Weight Capacity from 80-112kg to 100-140kg
Decreased Black Bear 3rd speed from 850 to 820
Decreased Brown Bear 3rd speed from 820 to 800
Increased Brown Bear 4th speed from 1106 to 1120
Decreased White Bear 3rd speed from 790 to 780
Increased White Bear 4th speed from 1067 to 1092

Risen Pets
Added several tooltips in places where you can drop items in slots.
Ritual UI now uses hold to Perform Ritual with a short animation.
Ritual UI now only closes if a ritual is successful.
You can no longer click the Perform Ritual unless you have the minimum required items and skill in the UI.
Risen pets that level up now correctly update their health and max health.
Fixed an issue where ritual pets would sometimes be killed when moving through nodelines, logging in or taking them out of a stable if you had more than 1.
Fixed several minor bugs with ritual pets.

Buildings and Decorations
A new trader can now be found somewhere on Myrland.
Fixed issue where players could own more than one house. Players that do own more than one house will be contacted by GMs to fix the issue.
Reduced build repair with 25%.(Only applied to already finished buildings)

Territory Control
Supply Towers no longer provide global Guild Defence.
Supply Towers no longer reduce prominence cost.
Supply Towers now produce supply for the owning guild every 30 minutes.
Structure Guild Defence bonus now increases at a rate of +3% per 30 minutes.
Structure Guild Defence bonus now decreases at a rate of -9% per 30 minutes.
The maximum Guild Defence bonus gained from each Supply Line has been decreased from 10% to 5%.
Added a message about health percent required when you are not able to add a Claiming Stone to a player house due to lost structure health.
Reduced 100% health required to 99.9% in order to add a Claiming Stone to player houses, to ignore cases where it's been hit once or twice by a player walking by etc.
Guild Guards have been removed from the Barracks and Bank TC structures.
Increased the gold and prominence upkeep of TC guard towers.

Spirits no longer increase the sell value of spirit boxes.
Spirits now spawn further up from the ground.
Fixed issue where banishment would retrigger sometimes if you used the home priest option while dead.

Melee Combat
Increased the quick swap duration from 1.0 to 1.4 seconds.
Changed enter and exit combat durations to 0.7 seconds so that together they equal the duration of a quick swap.
Charging a melee attack will no longer be interrupted when touching nearby walls. Swinging the weapon will still hit walls as usual.
The charge circle is now fully filled after a parry, when your next attack will be full damage.
Fixed issue where left and right weapon swings would sometimes not hit a wall next to the player when it should have.
Hitting a dead body no longer counts as a successful hit and will cause the same miss penalty as hitting the ground.
Fixed bug if you were knocked off a horse and using a lance, you would be able to use the lance on foot.
Fixed an issue allowing you to bypass Recovery of a failed attack with a Block when using Click Drag input for the block. This allowed players to block or charge a new attack immediately after missing a swing.

Magic Combat
The character movement capsule has been removed from the "display name targeting" feature. Previously, this capsule caused confusion among players, as the display name would appear when spells should miss their target. Spell targeting never included the capsule. Now, the target display name will only appear when aiming at someone's body to be consistent with spell targeting.
Ecumenical spells now release instantly the moment you press release instead of being delayed a brief moment.
Simplified magic calculations by eliminating type conversions between integers and floats, avoiding loss of precision. Magic users may notice 1 - 2 points of damage / healing increase as a result.
Visual tweaks on magic reflect to make the seam less visible when looking around in first person.
Auw surge now deals up to 30% less damage based on distance, scaling linearly.
Fixed an issue bypassing the charge time of a spell which allowed players to spam spells.
Fixed an issue where spells outside of the quick cast keybinds would be casted with the last used target state instead of the default one, which often resulted in accidental self casts.

Mounted Combat
Fixed a bug causing certain vendor weapons to deal unintended amounts of damage while mounted.

Skills and Clade Gifts
Armor Training and Heavy Armor Training skills are now equally effective. This change increases Armor Training effectiveness while slightly reducing Heavy Armor Training effectiveness. Players with both skills maxed out will experience no change in armor weight, but those with lower Heavy Armor Training will have a higher armor weight capacity than previously.
Heavy Armor Training's prerequisite for the Armor Training skill has been reduced to level 0. This means Heavy Armor Training will no longer become disabled if Armor Training drops below effective level 100.
Armor Training & Heavy Armor Training now gain experience no matter if you are encumbered or not, this is to incentivize players to actively play the game while training instead of feeling like they are stuck in town until a certain level is reached in these skills.
Oghmir Pipe usage now drains slightly more health reserves.
Increased Human clade gift 'Cleric' minimum mana regeneration from 20% to 30%.
Added +1kg max armor weight to the Human clade gift 'Well Built'.
Fixed a bug with Projectiles where certain damage reduction steps happened twice. This includes passive damage reduction like Oghmir 'Stoneskin', Thursar 'Styganthrope' and Human 'Tactician', but also buffs like Thursar 'Adamant'. For example: A spell projectile which would have had it’s damage reduced from 50 to 25, would instead reduce it to 12.5 when tactician was involved.
Fixed an issue where AI dealing magic damage & healing would not take passive clade gifts into account. Such as Thursar 'Styganthrope' (this issue did not happen when ai used projectile spells).
Fixed a bug with fishing where swapping weapons would not stop fishing correctly.
Fixed a bug causing you to instantly pull up a fish.

AI, Creatures and NPCs
Bey Wafa Casters now move slower and shorter distances when attempting to move away from the player.
Fixed issue where pets could not path around player houses and instead got stuck on the corners.
Fixed issue where AI attacks would not trigger a knockback.
Fixed issue where an AI in mercy mode would get a low update rate and look choppy when turning towards the player.

UI and Interactions
The game will now show a notice in the character selection screen when you are connected to the Public Test Realm.
When gathering from depletable resources you will no longer have to hold down the interact key to continuously gather.
Default setting for Attack and Block direction changed to Drag then Click.
When cooking, only the main ingredient will now be shown in the name.
Fixed a bug where you could not stack items in banks using right-click.
Fixed bug where holding R to give up during mercy mode would trigger too early when targeting a player or interactable object.
Fixed inconsistent messaging with Haven combat tutor.

Lighting, Weather and Environment
Adjusted the lights for player torches and campfires.
Fixed issue where water footsteps sounds would not play.
Fixed multiple “death traps” in the world where players could get stuck.
Fixed elevator glitch in Undercroft dungeon.
Fixed missing collision on column in dungeon modules where players could hide inside.
Fixed a large hole through a terrain that players jokingly called the portal to exodus.
Fixed some issues around the south entrance of Melisar’s Vault.
Fixed floor planks at Melisar’s Vault entrance that forced players to jump over them to not get stuck.
Gore effects updated for zombies and domestic pigs.
Fixed a bug where you would not see other players decapitating each other.
Fixed an issue where the hair was removed from player characters when decapitating their limbs.

Server and Networking
Improved player rotation updates to appear smoother.
Fixed several issues with the login server.
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