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Beta Patch Notes


  • Added Morin Khur as a starting location.
  • Added new map area around Morin Khur.
  • Added aggressive AI.
  • Added defensive AI.
  • Added guard AI.
  • Bow aim method added as option in settings. (aim with crosshair or arrow tip)
  • Built new chat bubbles used by AI to communicate.
  • Added Guards to cities.
  • Added bandits to the wilderness.
  • AI can now carry and use shields .
  • AI can now carry and use bows.
  • AI can now carry and use melee weapons.


  • Charged attacks can now be released before reaching the end of the charge animation.
  • Increased pitch sensitivity in click-drag.
  • Updated weather.
  • Updated environment sounds.
  • Landscape optimization. (Textures, gaps, collision issues etc.)
  • Major optimization work on all UI.
  • CPU bottleneck in the UI fixed, resulting in better game performance. (Please try using DX12 again if you have been using DX11 for performance reasons.)


  • Charge attacks can now be released before reaching the end of the charge animation.
  • Fixed bug where death and resurrect sequences would not play camera animation.
  • Fixed issues with time sync .
  • Moving AI should now more correctly follow the ground instead of hovering.
  • Nation Standings now change correctly depending on your race.
  • Nation Standings min max is now correctly calculated.
  • Nation Standing names update to better reflect the current standing .
  • Fixed a rare chat crash .
  • Fixed rare server crash .
  • Fixed issue where server could desync the time and cause major issues for all AI.
  • Fixed issue with AI seeing dead players .
  • Improved AI leash when too far away from spawner.

Known Issues:

  • Logging in when dead will display equipment on self.
  • Logging in while dead and resurrecting will cause sounds to not play. (Relog once again to fix.)
  • Some static NPC's float slightly above the ground.
  • Guards and bandits do not always enter mercy mode correctly.
  • Ai has some pathing issues being worked on. (Not always taking the shortest straight path)
MO2Info at 12/29/20 5:20 PM

Beta Patch Notes


  • Added standings system.
  • Added cooking and alchemy.
  • Added tooltip support for consumable stats.
  • Added support for pickable objects.
  • Added custom animations for most crafting actions.
  • Added more use tooltips to all items.
  • Added eating and drinking.
  • Added so crafted items now change the material of what you are crafting based on materials used.
  • Added visible armor resource materials. (Metal, Wool, Fur, Scales, Leather)
  • Added visible weapon resource materials. (Metal, Wood)
  • Added quiver with up to 10 visible arrows when equipping a bow.
  • Added new emotes. (use /emote in local chat)
  • Added support for aiming with the tip of the arrow. Use chat command /togglebowaimstyle to enable it.
    (we are working on a new settings backend, it will be added there later)
  • Added updated weather system, it now supports different variations of rain, snow, and lightning strikes.
  • Added so you can now lose hunger and gain thirst.
  • Added pickable and gatherable resources to the world. (More to come)


  • Refining now calculates time better.
  • You can no longer use skills in mercy mode.
  • Clade gift shields now change their look depending on your clade.
  • You now get a murder count when murdering someone and you will lose standing with the nation your victim resurrects at.
  • Buff and debuff icons are now larger.
  • Polished most UI interaction to have right-clicking on items override the first slot when all slots are full.
  • Stars now rotates.
  • New player movement backend added for both optimization and better control during development.
    (mostly the same as before, except a few details listed under Known Issues)
  • More character optimizations. (CPU cost reduced)
  • Springboks has received some visual polish.
  • Dead players no longer exist in the game world for living players.
  • Paperdoll now shows resource materials.
  • Paperdoll now shows the same effects as on the player. (blood, transitions, etc)
  • Adjusted bow animations in the first person.
  • Optimized server code for sending rare animations.
  • Made several minor optimizations on the server code.
  • Archery cross-hair is now more accurate.
  • Bows now shows a visible arrow for other players if they have arrows equipped.


  • Fixed some issues with spawners on the server.
  • Weather now affects clouds again.
  • Fixed issue with refining not updating the hold to use button correctly.
  • Fixed crash with voice chat.
  • FOV no longer gets messed up if multiple sequences are triggered at the same time. (resurrect, teleport, etc)
  • Random startup and shutdown crash reduced.
  • Other players no longer vibrate when looking sideways while standing still.
  • Other players no longer get stuck in slow motion running when walking.
  • Torch embers are no longer active after un-equipping a torch.
  • Torch lights and particles no longer stays in the world when the player disconnects.
  • Character in login screen now updates to reflect nudity setting after being changed by the user in the main menu.
  • Player no longer launches like a rocket on spawn if they try to jump multiple times during the loading screen.
  • Blainn fur no longer detaches randomly when dying or resurrecting.
  • Updated LODs on bows because they broke the string.
  • Fixed an issue where equip hits would slow down the recovery of a swing.
  • Fixed an issue where switching from bow to unarmed would increase the stamina drain for unarmed.
  • Fixed an issue where arrows did not make an impact sound for other players.

Known issues:

  • Initial crash on the first login still present.
  • Character movement might hitch when jumping and landing.
  • There‚Äôs a slight hitch when a character initially rotates. (visible on NPCs)
  • The game can still get stuck as a process when shutting down. Close it in the task manager if it does.
  • Texture issues when using DirectX 11.
MO2Info at 12/15/20 8:19 AM

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