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Patch Notes

Greetings Mortals!

Prepare for a monumental shift in the world of Mortal Online 2.

With the introduction of territory control you can now claim land for your guild, expand your influence on the realm, construct settlements and grow in power.

You will not be the only one vying for control of Myrland however, so be prepared to engage in large scale siege warfare as the strongest powers collide and compete for dominion over the land.

The two new groups of Emanation and Arrangement bring 20 new Elementalism spells to the world of Nave, allowing magic users to expand their possibilities and effectiveness with totally new mechanics.

All this and so much more is now available in this patch. Please give the notes below a read and let us know what you think!

We have also put together a helpful "Getting started with Territory Control" manual over on our website which we encourage you to view here: https://www.mortalonline2.com/help-center/gameplay-help/getting-started-with-territory-control-and-sieging-manual/

See you in Nave!

Main Features
Added Territory Control mechanics with many territory control related structures.
Added Sieging mechanics.
Added two siege engines, the Manganon and Ballista. Both stationary and mobile variants.
Added new Titles.
Added Campodon armor.
Added two new banner colors.
Added 20 new elementalism spells, in the groups Emanation & Arrangement.
Several client side and server side optimizations. See details below.

Fixed issue where kicked guild members would remain in the guild member count. We have cleared existing guilds of kicked members. Please report if you still have guild members stuck in your guild list.
Fixed issue with guild members coming back into the guild list when server restarted.
Added a guild rank 4 requirement for operating keep gate levers.
Added a guild rank 7 requirement for manipulating decorations in guild buildings.
Renamed certain guild ranks.

Drawing a bow will no longer cancel immediately when getting close to walls and objects, only when getting extremely close. Instead the arms will adjust to avoid the environment.
Fixed issue where players could launch arrows through walls by standing too close to it.

InGame Map
Updated the visuals of the ingame map to display territory control information.
You no longer need the map item in the inventory to see the Myrland map when you press M.
You can now zoom the map and move it around.
Loot and Pickables
POI containers such as barrels, chests, urns etc have a bit higher refresh rate for new loot.
Make pickables easier to target and interact with by improving the collision to better match the visual mesh. (pickables are objects like karotons or salt crystals)

The effects of multiple Elementalism Emanation spells no longer stack.
Casting Crawling Hands will now flag you as a criminal.
Lava Flow base damage decreased from 2224 to 2022
Lava Ball base damage increased from 2228 to 2630
Comet base damage increased from 2333 to 2535
Torrent cast time decreased from 2.5s to 1s
Fixed an issue where no sounds were played for some spiritism spells.
Fixed an issue causing Roaring wind to hit more often than intended.
Akh bond will no longer transfer to a random pet when the original was not found.
Lava Flow base damage decreased from 2224 to 2022.
Lava Ball base damage increased from 2228 to 2630.
Comet base damage increased from 2333 to 2535.
Comet now requires 2 Salt instead of 1 Salt Crystal
Boulder now requires 10 Granum Pile instead of 5 Flakestone
Torrent cast time decreased from 2.5s to 1s.

Mounts and Pets
Updated the appearance of Campodon bags.
Fixed a bug where your mount would not take fall damage if you died from the fall.
Fixed an issue where a mount that changed between young/adult/alpha while swimming would drop to the floor and stay under water.
Mounts are now forcefully pushed towards the surface while swimming to ensure they stay afloat until we add buoyancy rules. There were a few scenarios where players managed to stay below the surface.
Fixed issue where mounts had a lesser step height than players. This caused mounts to be unable to step over objects that a player on foot would.

Characters, Creatures and Spawners
Rebalanced the Glory reward of many creatures. Hostile animals now award more Glory overall.
Multiple variations on dynamic spawners added or updated across Myrland.
Added an extra leash check to leash AI that is stuck.
Adjusted the spawning radius of several troll spawns in the world.
Fixed issue with NPCs sometimes looking straight down into the ground or being horizontally rotated due to a bad path update.
Springbok collision was adjusted for elementalism to fix spells going through them.
Fixed a bug where a player would "run in the air" if they got launched into the air without jumping first.
Fixed a bug where the player would not rotate along with the object they were standing on.
Fixed the bad falling animation for horses that had a broken loop.
The bandits who captured the Tindremic Officer now give glory, although less than other bandits.
Buildable Placement (put notes here and we’ll clean them)
Adjusted the placement rules for buildings. Buildings should now be a bit easier to place.
Adjust the way the minimum range between player owned structures is handled. In certain cases you should now be able to build houses slightly closer to each other.
The placement mode for structures now attempts to automatically raise the object being placed in order to clear any clutter on the ground (Rocks, tall grass, bushes, etc) when the item is activated.
Player owned structures are now easier to place on rough terrain.
Buildings will now display their correct names when placed, instead of being called “building”.
You can no longer place structures in the Necro dungeon tunnels.
Update the message that is displayed when you are trying to place a structure inside of a nobuild zone. It should now make it much more clear that this is why you are unable build in a given area.
Removed large no build zones in front of all keeps.
Adjusted several no build zones in the world to be smaller.

Housing and Buildables
Destroyed houses/keeps will now be lootable for only the owner after being destroyed, after 48 hours anyone can loot the content of the house/keep for 72 hours then the structure is removed.
Fixed being able to view the contents of unrelated chests of other houses when you unlock a chest with a password.
Fixed client side bug where the keep gate would be closed for some players even though it was open.
Various collision fixes and updates to houses, keeps, and strongholds.
Fixed a bug causing you to not be able to loot destroyed buildings.
Fixed issue where players could remain standing in the air if the object they were standing on got removed, for example a house or wall got destroyed.
Update house password system, a quick relog will not force you to retype password to access chests/doors etc.
When the client thinks it has access to a chest (by having an outdated password) you will now be able to retype it again instead of simply being denied access until relog.
Chest UI now closes when password failed or someone changed the password.
Fixed a bug causing ‘access chests’ to sometimes appear empty and not able to be picked up.
Fix issue with keep walls allowing AI to walk through them.
Fixed an issue which resulted in you being unable to place decorations on certain grid cells of a house when the door was open.
Increased item cap for Keeps by +100 for T2 and T3.

Door Breaching
Players can now force open the door of a house by damaging it.
House doors have health, and a defence value that scales linearly with the health % of the house it is connected to.
This means only houses that are being sieged can have their doors opened in a reasonable amount of time. Players should be able to feel safe in their homes outside of a siege scenario.
The door will recover its health over a short period of time.
At 100% health, the door has a defence of 100%.

Attributes, Skills and Buffs
Fixed a bug sometimes causing you to get more skill points than intended. Players affected by this bug will notice the appropriate amount of skill points being drained from their skills upon login.
Fixed an issue where if you unlocked Veterinary before a change made to Animal Care, it allowed you to bypass the Animal Care requirement. This should no longer be possible.
Fixed bug where players affected by akh bond in mercy mode would not be killed when struck. Making it look like players were resurrected when "killed".
Pet buffs are now removed upon trading the pet.

Trinkets, Items and Consumables
Fixed trinkets not giving you the intended skill points upon login, until you reequip it.
Fixed an issue where drinking a potion which both purified and healed you would sometimes try to heal before purifying you.
Fixed a bug causing Direct Healing, Mana, Poison effects to sometimes fail to trigger.
Fixed the Lynx Tail item showing the incorrect icon.
Fixed an issue which could result in invisible items occupying slots in your inventory.
Fixed bug where attempting to move an item from pet bags directly into an access chest would cause it to go invisible, and vice versa.
Fixed mounted archery trinket bug, where two entries of the same skill bonus existed. You will now get the highest value of the two.

Flagging and Standing
Fixed an issue where you could report players for murder who recently attacked you if you commit suicide by eating/drinking poison.
Fixed an issue where crossing nodelines as a criminal would sometimes incorrectly reset your criminal timer.
Parcel delivery tasks now yield Prosperity instead of Glory.
Rebalanced the Prosperity rewards of most tasks.
Completing a bounty hunt now grants you Might instead of Glory.
Fixed a bug where Risars would reset criminal timer when hitting criminal players
Fixed a bug where Risars would set players as criminal when spotting their risen pets.
Environment and Structures
Fixed a few holes in various dungeons that players were falling through.
Fixed miscellaneous environmental art issues in the world.
Fixed an issue where the Kiln in Tindrem could not be used.
Fixed instances where players could get stuck when doors were closed on top of them.

Misc Gameplay
Greatly reduced the delay between landing on the ground and receiving fall damage.
Fixed an issue where sounds would sometimes not play from the correct location in relation to the camera.
Made the inner neck region black in first person so that the player can't see inside the body when looking down in some scenarios.
Most titles are now unhidden in the game, instead you will see progress towards the next title in the title chain.
Fixed a bug where you were not able to weakspot someone who had the counter damage reduction effect.
Fixed a bug for spiritism where you would not lose spirits if ether lore skill level was 80 or above. You now lose spirits until you reach 100 skill.

Client Optimizations
The following optimizations were made to reduce some of the loading stalls that players experience while traveling.
Fixed issue with house decoration grid which caused a long stall when a house loaded in.
Fixed issue with houses at far away distance loading in on the same frame causing a long stall.
Fixed issue with buildables loading more asset data than what was needed, this caused a long stall.
Disabled unnecessary physics overlap check when enabling or disabling collisions.
Changed the engine garbage collection settings in an attempt to reduce game stuttering. Garbage collection is a memory cleanup routine that runs in intervals and causes hitches.
Reduced the load time slightly for pickables.
Server Fixes and Optimizations
Several server optimizations were made during PTR to increase player capacity.
Fixed several leaks that would cause server lag if the server was not restarted..
Fixed the notorious node crash that would happen roughly once a week
Possible fix for a rare node crash.
Server now handles sections of the game with many players better by dynamically changing what packages to send to who.
How the server handles packages have been optimized greatly increasing the amount of packages the server can handle.

Known Issues
Siege machines will stay in the air when the walls or buildings they are placed on are destroyed.
MO2Info at 08/15/23 1:24 PM

Patch Notes


Fixed issue where a mount passenger could dismount into houses.

Starfall doesn't get placed at caster on Spell reflect anymore.
Magic Reflect now blocks a single hit from Starfall.
Zoology skills were increased by 5% bonus to a total of 20% to damage reduction and damage given from/to those specific animals at max lore for that specific animal (ex. Ursidae, Equidae, etc).
The following spells will no longer do damage to players and AI inside player-built houses. Firestorm, Hail storm, Roaring wind, and Starfall.
Increased Direwolf pet points from 23 to 26 at level 50.
Increased Rally Pack duration to 10 seconds.
Increased Coordinated Hunt duration to 10 seconds, and increased damage bonus to pets to +50%.
Increased Canine Concentration duration to 20 seconds.
Increased Agile Evasion duration to 10 seconds.
Decreased Risen Taurdog damage mod by 10%.
Increased Risen White Bear damage mod by 15%.
Increased Rider Weight Threshold of all risen mounts.Combat
Weakspot hits now properly penetrate pet armor.
Handle hits now reduce damage by a flat 55%, up from previous 40%.

Weakspot hits now properly penetrate pet armor.
Handle hits now reduce damage by a flat 55%, up from previous 40%.

Increased the minimum distance between an AI and a player when being attacked. E.g. like zombies got a little bit too close to players in the previous patch.
Fixed the leashing behavior of AI to prevent them from leashing too early.
Increased damage of Outlaw Bandits and adjusted their behaviors.
Misc Changes

Adjusted the spacing of pet frames.

Fixed issue with houses being guild-flagged.
Fixed an issue which resulted in random pickables not being picked up when interacted with.
Fixed the annoying "bouncing capes" on other players that would happen when you turn around. It was rendering optimization related.
Fixed an issue where players and pets were momentarily detected as not being in a house when logging in.
Combining vials and kegs should not make them vanish anymore.
Fixed an issue where player-built homes had a "shed" looking LOD billboard.
Fixed an issue causing Miasma to not do damage when the caster was too far away from the spell.
Fixed an issue where your last arrow in your quiver would never be able to weakspot.
Reverted size change from the patch because it caused some issues with attribute points.
Fixed a bug causing pets to follow player ghosts who were their target before they died
Fixed a visual bug that could occur with the sky when your FOV was higher than average.
Fixed an issue causing Lightning ball to do unintended high damage in some cases.
Fixed an issue causing Lightning ball to deal damage twice in some cases.
Known Issues

There is an issue with players being able to invite a passenger on their risen horses and risen molvas but the passenger does not see a “Hold R to mount”-message. We are troubleshooting the issue.
MO2Info at 05/16/23 8:50 AM

Patch Notes

Greetings Mortals!

This patch brings with it the second batch of Elementalism spells. Many of the new spells allow you to manipulate the weather of the region that you are in, with some spells even requiring specific weather in order to be cast.

The roster of mountable creatures is also expanding. You are now able to ride wolves, direwolves, terrorbirds, and even domestic pigs! In addition to these new mounts, the new mount passenger system allows you to bring a friend with you while riding horses and molvas.

Speaking of Molvas, they can now be equipped with bespoke armor. Making these awe-inspiring beasts even more imposing than before.

Lastly, several new craftable pet bags have been added to the game. Allowing your furry and feathered companions to assist you in new ways.

And as always, there are a slew of changes and fixes to go along with all of the new additions.

See you in Nave!

Mounts and pets
We have added the ability for certain combat pets to be mountable. This includes their risen variants. Risen pets have rules in which you can only have one “mount” type and one “combat” type or they will vanish.To be clear, the current pets look like this;

Horse-Mount type
Molva - Mount and Combat (Can only have them by themselves)
Other Rideable Combat pets - Combat

We will likely revisit these tags in the future and update you if or when they will change.

Four pets can now be used as a mount. Wolves, direwolves, terrorbirds and domestic pigs (this includes the risen variants).
Added craftable bags for several creatures.
Horses and Molva beasts can now hold an extra passenger.
Mounted Combat, Mounted Archery and Mounted Magic are disabled for mounted passengers.
Players can now offer other players to ride on their mount as a passenger if the mount allows it. Look at the other player and hold Ctrl+R to offer a ride. The passenger can then mount and dismount as long as the rider is on the mount. The passenger can be forced off the mount by using Ctrl+R and will no longer be allowed to ride again. A passenger will always dismount when the rider does (no AI riding).
Mounts now have a rider weight limit before penalties kick in, passenger included! E.g. Some horses can handle 180 kg without penalty at level 1. The weight includes the armor and body weight for the rider and passenger but not their inventory weight. The mount armor and bags are not included in this penalty. A penalty of 0.5% per kg will be applied to the speed and 0.2% to the turn rate beyond the weight limit.
Mounts carry an additional 0-40% extra rider weight between creature level 0-125. A creature with a 100 kg rider weight limit will have a 140 kg weight limit at level 125.
Fixed bug where the riding speed penalties from equipment and bag weights would sometimes not update properly.
Reduced the flee duration for mounts when the rider is knocked off from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds.

Fixed bad volumes for medium-tier houses causing pets to randomly run into other player houses when running past them (or ignore parts of the house completely).
Fixed issue with broken corner pathing near houses. Pets would sometimes walk too close to walls and end up inside the house.
Fixed issue where pets would sometimes get stuck in the entrance until their owner moved far away enough for them to teleport.
Pets will no longer stop following their owner when blocked by a door. It will now keep trying until the door is opened again or the owner goes outside.
Pets should now navigate between sections in L- or T-shaped houses without taking shortcuts on the outside. Proper doorway navigation will come when we add in-house navigation around decorations.
Fixed bug where pets would not update their appearance when changing level. For example a young pet would not change into an adult appearance unless you stabled it or relogged back into the game.
Temporary change: Pets are now allowed to leave a building even when the entrance is closed. This change remains until we confirm that we have fixed the issues with pets randomly going into closed houses.
Fixed bug causing certain pet skills to not be properly checked if they are a criminal action or not.

You can give bags custom names by ctrl + right-clicking them in your inventory.
Outlaw bandit spawners added to the world.
Lootable shallow graves with a chance of rare loot can now be found throughout Myrland.
Lootable sunken boats can be found throughout the Myrland seas.
Pet bag crafting for Molvas, Campodons, Celaenos, Tagmatons and Turtles.
Armor crafting for Molvas.
Added support for gathering resources from the ground.
Grass can now be gathered directly from the ground in thick grass areas to feed your pets. (Other resources like plants and bushes are still more effective and faster to lower pets hunger.)
There is now a Kallard task vendor in Cave Camp.
Quality of life
Reduced the interaction timer with other players (hold R to trade, etc).
Reduced the interaction timer for houses.
Quality of life

Reduced the interaction timer with other players (hold R to trade, etc).
Reduced the interaction timer for houses.

Bosses are now immune to Atrophy.
Decreased base damage of Auw Surge by 2
Decreased base damage of Thunderlash by 3
Increased base damage of Ember, Hailstone, Stone & Shock
Adjusted reagent cost of Comet, Scouring Stream, Sandspout, Whirlwind and Mending Vapors to be cheaper
Lowered Risen Tribe Rat Berserker damage to be in line with other Risen creatures.

Handle hits now reduce damage by a flat 40%.
Disabled the auto re-enter combat mode functionality for bandages.
Mindblast now deals more damage against AI and now varies a bit between casts when used against AI.

Aggressive AI will now also attack player pets.
Weather and Heat

Heat System turned back on.
Weather now adds to heat.
Chilled, Frostbitten, Warmed and Ignited debuffs now affect the body heat of Players they are on.
Misc Changes

Reduced the camera wobble in mercy mode.
The "Rare rocks/trees" system has been brought back and merged with the current “rare material drop system”.
"Rare rocks/trees" will yield double the drop chance of the rare materials.
The bonus chance of finding rare materials has been reduced from 25% to 10%. Clade gifts 'Stoneseer', 'Geologist', and 'Dendrologist' will now notify the player if there is a high chance for rare materials when mining or lumberjacking. In general this change will increase the speed of gathering rare materials.
Updated the Pets UI.
Khurite 2 handed hilt is now included in the generic 2 hand hilt crafting skill instead of in the Khurite blade skill.
Parts of the package handling on the server has been rewritten to better handle a large player count.

Trolls and other large Ai creatures will no longer trigger hurt sounds multiple times when taking damage from multiple targets.
Possible fix for sounds going quiet in large battles.

Fixed bug where players would fall to the bottom while swimming if they got pushed or shield-bashed by another player.
Fixed issue with not being able to give murdercounts if you moved very far away after being killed.
Fixed issue with criminal timer resetting when you changed nodes.
Fixed issue where pickables would sometimes float above ground after teleporting to a priest.
Fixed crash that would happen when loading empty pickables.
Restored setting that was changed in an attempt to fix players getting randomly flung when moving into objects. It did not help and instead caused players to get flung in other scenarios.
Fixed crash that could happen during unexpected disconnects.
Fixed a code subsystem tick-order issue that caused various stutters and artifacts on characters.
Fixed minor issues in the mail UI.
Fixed issue with AI not leashing correctly when they can not reach their target.
Switching between presets in armor crafting should now correctly update the UI.
Fixed typo in the frostbitten debuff that said it reduced stamina regen.
Fixed issue with some buildables not correctly getting guild-flagged.
Fixed a couple of node crashes.
Fixed an issue causing players to be disconnected from server while auto attacking in ether form.
Fixed bug where undead that was controlled with Control Undead would not stop moving when in mercy mode.
Fixed a flagging bug where if someone was local grey to you and pulled out a pet from a stable, it would not show as local grey.
Fixed a bug causing item slots to turn upside down.
Fixed a glare sometimes occurring in the crafting preview window.
Fixed bug where eating size-shrink food at minimum size sometimes caused you to receive a msg saying you have increased in size.
Fixed a bug where size increase/decreases due to food consumption did not update available attribute points until relog.
Fixed 'size' in paperdoll sometimes showing the wrong number.
Fixed float inaccuracy bug for 'Height' in paperdoll UI.
Fixed water volume in the jungle causing you to be able to breathe underwater.
Fixed a calculation error which caused the skill Herding to not scale as intended. To get the full effects of Herding, you will now need to have 100 in the skill instead of 91.
Fixed bug where the "buy orders" button could sometimes show in the pet broker.
Fixed a hole in Risar dungeon that players could fall through.
Fixed lots of rocks that were not mineable.
Fixed brownwood trees in the jungle that were not gatherable.
Fixed footstep sounds not playing correctly when traveling on roads.
Fixed a type of tree in snowy biomes that had the wrong collision that made players invulnerable.
Several environment art fixes.
MO2Info at 05/10/23 7:31 AM

Patch Notes


  • New pickables have been added to shorelines.
  • Added Firmwood Berries as a gatherable resource.
  • Added 8 new keybindings, which you can use to more easily switch between the layers of your actionbars.


  • Significantly lowered Skill EXP required to level Elemental Propulsion.
  • All Beast Mastery abilities that have an AOE or cleave component require criminal actions to be turned on to be used. This is to help players not ‘accidentally’ hurt other players by mistake. Use these abilities at your own risk.
  • Redistributed the spells under Elemental Propulsion to span the skill range of 0 - 100.
  • The spells “Ignition”, “Torrent”, “Gale”, and “Stone” now have a range of 0-25 Elemental Propulsion.
  • The spells “Hailstone” and “Ember” now have a range of 25-50 Elemental Propulsion.
  • The spells “Sludge” and “Shock” now have a range of 50-75 Elemental Propulsion.
  • The spells “Dust Burst” and “Mending Vapors” now have a range of 75-100 Elemental Propulsion.
  • ”Fulminate Pouch” and “Burning Salts Pouch” have been removed from the Elementalist Desk vendors in order to prevent confusion. They have not been removed from Magic Vendors.
  • The gathering system for mining and woodcutting has been revamped to be much more straightforward, distributing the chances of obtaining rare resources between all rocks and trees.
  • The distribution of which rare resources can be found in different types of gatherable rocks and trees has been changed.
  • The clade gifts “Dendrologist”, “Stoneseer”, and “Geologist” no longer search for nodes with rare resources. They are given a 25% bonus to finding rare resources with their respective resource types instead.
  • The buy price of Rock Crystal Geodes and Rock Crystals have been changed.
    Adjusted center of targeting for pickables to be further off the ground to make them easier to pick.
  • More guards have been added that will patrol around Morin Khur, Toxai, and Tindrem.
  • Risen Molvas have been flagged as a “combat” and a “mount” Risen categories. This means that you cannot have any other risen pet out with the Risen Molva.
  • Updated texture of Glimmercap mushrooms.
  • Purified Water was removed from vendors in


  • Players should no longer need to jump while using the Morin Khur northern staircase.
  • Fixed bug for action bars where 'use' functionality was checked during key release instead of key press.
  • Fixed a bug where Rotten Walkers and Sewer Rats would not play attack animations.
  • Fixed a bug where controlled undead would leash when told to attack a target while inside a house.
  • Fixed a bug where potion utilization leveled from eating instead of drinking potions.
  • When having a two handed weapon equipped and holding right click on a potion, you did not exit combat mode before trying to drink it causing you to receive a message saying "you need a free hand to do this" instead of drinking the potion.
  • Fixed a bug where AI getting too close to houses would accidentally end up inside them.
  • Fixed bug where you could equip armor on a pet which could not carry an item of that weight.
  • Fixed a bug where the potion drinking animation would get interrupted instantly.
  • Ignition’s VFX should no longer fire out of the caster’s groin.
  • Adjusted the spell Comet’s VFX to more accurately portray its collision.
  • The spell “Mending Vapors” will now properly level the skill Elemental Propulsion instead of Elementalism Spells.
  • Several art assets and tree/foliage were fixed, changed or removed.
  • Removed an old AI-stuck check that caused some AI to leash or move away in combat when they should not have.
  • Fixed a bug where your pet’s UI would show 0 or negative health when you logged in with pets out or when you pulled a pet from a stable.
  • Removed ability to eat lodestones.
  • Fixed description of “pitch” item, which incorrectly claimed it was made from rock oil.
  • Fixed an issue causing the reflect shield effect of the caster to trigger when casting projectile spells
  • Fixed an issue causing players to be disconnected from server while auto attacking in ether form.
  • Fixed an issue where you would be unable to level Propulsion up to 100.
  • Fixed an issue with the mailing system that could result in the player’s inventory becoming overfilled.
  • “The Gourmet” title was showing up as “Expert Cook”. This has been changed to be “The Gourmet”
MO2Info at 03/13/23 4:07 PM

Patch Notes 1.0.15

Greetings Mortals!

Welcome to an exciting new update for Mortal Online 2!

Get ready to harness the power of the elements like never before with the first stage of the revolutionary new magic school, Elementalism, which adds an exciting new dimension to spellcasting with the addition of projectiles. To help you master the elements, you’ll find groups of elementalists scattered throughout Myrland who will aid you in your journey.

With each consecutive update to the school, you’ll gain access to even more spells to add to your arsenal, making Elementalism an exciting addition to your magical pursuits.

But that’s far from all!

This patch also brings with it an expansion to alchemy, giving you the ability to refine new items, discover new resources, and uncover new effects from ingredients such as the ability to resist magic damage. And with the inclusion of long-awaited quality-of-life changes, such as the ability to slowly walk while casting spells, a new dismounting system, and allowing pets to enter houses, this update is sure to make your time in Mortal Online 2 more enjoyable than ever before.

Join us and explore the new school of Elementalism, further your studies in the art of alchemy, and give your furry companions a well-deserved rest under the safety of your home in this latest update to Mortal Online 2.

See you in Nave,

The Star Vault Team

Added a new school of magic, Elementalism.
Added new Alchemy effects to discover and experiment with.
You can now get knocked down while mounted. You will be stunned for three seconds when knocked off the mount. The mount will flee and ignore commands for the stun duration and then stop.
Added a 10 unit vial to the Vial Vendor.
Added a new Background Volume option to Audio settings. This allows you to set the volume for the application when it is minimized or out of focus.
Added crash recovery for scenarios that cannot be handled by Unreal Engine’s crash reporter. The player will be sent back to the main menu with an error message that is automatically sent to the developers instead of the game silently crashing to the desktop.
Added a new checkbox in settings for Use Character Async Loading that is enabled by default. Enabling this will greatly reduce loading stalls on the CPU as you move around. This will not help with world streaming stutter.
Quality of life
Improved the automatic unstuck feature. The game should no longer default to the upwards direction. Getting stuck in for example a house or boss trap door should now push you in a reasonable direction.
Fall damage removed from sliding. Only free fall should cause fall damage. A free fall will still happen when sliding down a slope that suddenly becomes too steep.
Removed some edge case scenarios that would cause large fall velocity values to happen when running out from ledges. This would cause some stairs to give large fall damage values.
When rightclicking items into the Refining & Extraction UI, they will now fill empty slots first if possible, before replacing a filled, but available slot.
You can now finish a Split stack operation by pressing enter.
Players can now stop and dismount while moving equal to or slower than the first speed (walking).
Players can now stop and dismount at any speed while swimming.
Players will now see a message that they can’t dismount while falling.
You can now sip potions (consume 1 unit per rightclick/hotkey) or you can hold rightclick/hotkey for 0.5 seconds to quickly consume as much as possible.
Updated the character deletion message to be more clear on what is lost when deleting your character.
Client ping detection will now start once the loading screen closes and the player is ready to play instead of when the player logs in.
Adjusted ping kick to be less sensitive while we gather ping statistics from player connections.
Base stamina regeneration has been increased by 5%. This applies to all clades.
Rebalanced the lower weight classes attribute modifiers, there are now more benefits to weighing less.
Tower shield weights have been increased.
Increased the base swing speed of Poleswords by 15%. (This does not apply to existing Poleswords)
Slightly increased piercing damage on 2H Warhammer.
Increased the material cost for 2H Warhammer, this will also result in higher blunt damage.(This does not apply to existing 2H Warhammers)
The spell ‘Atrophy’ now lasts for 15 seconds, and reduces AI speed by 50%.
The spell ‘Mental healing’ now adds a buff to affected targets (never affects caster), granting increased mana regeneration for 15 seconds.
Rebalanced ‘Blood Kua’ stats.
Increased speeds of most horses to be closer to the desert horse.
Strong and slow horses now turn and accelerate slower than weak and fast horses.
Desert horse stamina drain lowered to ensure they still have something unique to them and are appealing in their own way.
Mount boost speeds were increased, boost stamina drain increased and boost duration set to 5 seconds.
Risen mounts rebalanced to have the same speed & stamina pool, lower stamina drain (and lower health) than their living and more sturdy counterparts.
Human clade gift ‘Southerner’ now reduces fire damage taken by 9%.
Human clade gift ‘Northerner’ now reduces cold damage taken by 9%.
Thursar clade gift ‘Thermoregulation’ now reduces fire & cold damage taken by 6%.
You can now walk while casting magic from any magic school. (You may also sprint while casting Necromancy spells as usual).
Increased 2H Warhammer hitbox in order to reduce handle hits.
Lances now have a chance to knock down if you hit the opponent with the tip.
Lances can no longer be used on foot. Mounted only.
Lances can no longer “swing” on mount. Only couching (thrust) can be used.
You can no longer enter combat mode with a weapon that is not allowed. For example lance on foot or certain bows on mount.
Earthquake will now dismount players. Players are protected for the first few seconds after mounting a pet.
Fixed issue where arrows would not slow down in some water volumes.
Disabled other animation sequences from playing while in mercy mode (emotes, skills, buffs, etc).
Made players have less floatylooking walking and running animations when releasing attacks.
Made creatures less rigid in slopes by realigning their body a bit.
Fixed issue where AI would move in slow motion for the first update after spawning.
Fixed a bug where the bow string would get stuck in a pulled state when unequipped.
Fixed a bug where players would slide around with no running animation after dismounting.
Fixed a bug where the player was considered as not mounted while still in the dismount animation sequence. Player is now on foot after the dismount sequence is done.
Fixed issue where player capes would stretch across the screen when not being rendered for a while.
Added support for volumes to the navmesh system. AI will now be able to navigate around the main structure in player buildables.
Nonpet AI will leash when following a player going into a house and otherwise ignore players in houses.
Pets will no longer teleport in or out of houses. Closing the door will stop a pet from entering or leaving the building.
The inhouse navigation is not ready which means that pets will ignore decorations and teleport between floors instead of using the stairs.
House contractors (NPCs) are now spawned on the correct floor.
Creatures will now stop and turn towards the tamer while being tamed.
Razorbacks now have directional attacks. (Left, right, and center)
Optimized AI movement to reduce the number of sent network packets.
Improved responsiveness of pet follow behavior. Pets would previously have a bit of a delay when reacting to the new owner position.
Pets now have a “chill distance” where they don’t move around if the player hasn’t moved too far (~2m). Players can issue an extra follow me command to get them to move closer.
Pets will now try to follow the player above or below when it can’t reach the spot where the player is. For example if a player is standing on a tall pillar the pet will still try to follow below.
Adjusted enemy AI and pet follow distance (how close they will move to a target).
Improved the vertical attack reach for AI to be more reasonable. AI could previously get extreme reach in some attacks which could cause them to reach players way above them in for example dungeons.
Decreased leash range on all Risar in Risar Dungeon.
Creatures being tamed will no longer slide around during the taming sequence.
Fixed an issue with creatures moving and turning erratically when following someone. This was most noticeable when having multiple pets follow you, for example horses would rapidly turn their head back and forth for no reason.
Fixed a bug where AI sometimes got stuck in a moving pose at the end of a path.
Fixed a bug where AI was sometimes detected as moving at the end of paths.
Fixed a bug where AI would ignore turnto commands, for example when being tamed.
Fixed a bug where AI would reset rotation after being teleported. Pets for example will now look at the owner after teleporting.
Fixed an issue where AI would sometimes switch level/floor when following a target above or below it.
Fixed an issue where AI could get line of sight into player houses and attack players through walls when close enough to the building. Large creatures like the Campodon were used to abuse this.
Fixed an issue where the pet would sometimes run past the owner instead of getting close.
Fixed an issue where The Vessel could be attacked while invisible during the poison phase.
Misc Changes
Bad weather may now occur more often.
Percentages removed from health bars to make it look cleaner.
Consume effects have been reworked into buffs, you will now see what consume effects are affecting yourself and your target (some will remain hidden on targets).
Removed the onscreen film grain effect that was visible when at low stamina.
Updated buff UI.
Updated Spellbook UI.
New arrow icons for every type of arrow.
Removed the scraping sound effect that played when starting a swing while your weapon was inside someone.
Fixed pig taming sound not adjusting to the game audio settings.
Fixed missing sounds on Tupilak attacks.
Fixed broken sound on Horses that did not fade out.
Lowered the volume on some of the storm weather SFX.
Several world streaming changes to reduce loading stutter.
Adjusted implementation of Character Distance CPU Optimization (option in settings) to improve performance with less artifacts.
Optimized handling of player attachment to pets to improve CPU performance.
Optimized character findlookat method to use less CPU.
Optimized loading of groups of pickables to improve CPU performance.
Various tick function optimizations to improve CPU performance.
House decorations now have a max render distance, the render distance is scaled by the View Distance game setting. Default is 50m from house walls at 200% View Distance.
Cast shadows for pickables are now turned off by distance based on shadow quality setting.
Restructured some animation logic to improve CPU performance.
Removed player login and logout visual effects at far distances as it is a bit expensive on performance. Players will also only play the logout effect when standing still.
Characters no longer spawn blood drip decals when running around with less than 70% health. This will be revisited in the future.
Made several improvements to the network side of the server. This should increase performance when many players are in the same area.
Fixed an issue that would allow lower ranked guild members to kick the guild leader while they are offline.
Fixed Crawling Hands not working as expected.
Fixed bug where players would sometimes load in naked instead of having gear.
Fixed bug where the check for criminal actions was inverted when checking if a pet skill was allowed.
Fixed a bug where a character would be put in ragdoll at the last moment of mercy mode without being killed, leaving the character in a permanent living ragdoll state.
Fixed bug where you could use a nonempty keg/vial for alchemy, causing you to lose all the existing potion within.
Fixed issue where the low detail version of buildings would be missing the door so that players could enter houses when they were not loaded in.
Fixed a bug with items in the mail where you could not see the quantity of items sent by, or to you.
Fixed several safe spots in the Risar Dungeon.
Fixed several UI bugs when certain fanfare events play.
Fixed a bug where loading screen would restart its fade when logging out, showing the HUD momentarily, before returning to the main menu
Fixed a bug causing item slots to sometimes get stuck upside down.
Fixed some problematic stairs in many dungeons that were often difficult to walk on due to collision problems.
Fixed a bug where a character would not play the mercy mode state if it was put in mercy mode a second time within a few seconds.
Fixed a crash that would occur when the game was about to shut down.
Resting should now cancel a spell cast. And Spell casting should stop resting.
Fixed a crash that would occur if you got disconnected during the loading screen.
Fixed an issue where the loading screen would get stuck at “Loading player data…” when losing connection to the server.
The face customization screen no longer gets stuck in the UI if the player is disconnected from the server during character creation.
Fixed trinkets generating their gem an additional time when looted from a world loot structure (chest etc), resulting in not looting a trinket with the intended gem.
Fixed a bug which caused newly equipped trinket effects to not recalculate armor values on current equipped armor.
Fixed a bug where a player could end up on the roof when being pushed by other characters into a corner.
Fixed an issue with Rotten Walkers not reacting to weapon impacts on kill.
Fixed an issue where log out would not be canceled after taking damage.
Fixed an issue where the Ecumenical spell icons had an unintended white border around them.
Updated buff UI and fixed target frame UI misalignment.
Fixed issue where buttons would remain “focused” after clicking them making it possible to press the button with spacebar afterwards.
Fixed bug with age potions where you were able to have a height below or above whatever your age allowed.
Several miscellaneous environment art fixes.
Fixed issue causing journal discoveries for MK sewers and some bosses to not save properly.
Fixed the water lizard’s eye textures.
Removed an inaccurate paragraph in the tutorial.
Fixed a bug where ‘defensive stance’ would heal you if damage was reduced to less than 0.
Fixed a bug where rightclicking items in inventory did not register all clicks.
Fixed a bug where Greater Natorus, and Blast furnace were not giving the 3% bonus yield as intended, when the ‘Metallurgist’ clade gift was active.
Fixed a typo where both Natorus and Greater Natorus skills had the same skill descriptions.
Possibly fixed the issue with players getting launched into the air by some meshes like rocks by disabling a feature in the movement component. Please report to us if it still happens as the issue is hard to reproduce.
Fixed issue where moving a building would cause the building and its contents to be desynced across clients until the next server reboot. This only happened when GMs had to move a building.
Zoology skills no longer say they affect taming and domination chance because it is not the case.
Fixed issue with certain Influence subskills, they were not auto learning so players could never get the mastery for some creatures.
Fixed issue where Epic Online Services and EasyAntiCheat would reinitialize when returning to main menu when it shouldn’t have, which caused some players to have to restart the game.
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