Crafting Professions of Nave

This area will contain all things crafting! For now enjoy some data from Mortal Online 1 as we wait for more to get introduced into Combat Alpha!

Armor Crafting
Armor Sets:
  • Khurite Scout Armor
  • Heavy Robe
Soft Armor:
  • Kallardian Padded
  • Cultist
  • Bedai Hunter
  • Dall Roba
  • Tindremic Scale
Laminated Armor:
  • Imperator
  • Khurite Splinted
  • Kallardian Lamellar
  • Expilator
  • Principor
Plate Armor:
  • Varborgian Plated
  • Excubitor Plate
  • Stadius Armatus
  • Direptor
  • Dracoigena Armatus
  • Tindremic Guard
  • Thursar Plate

Charactor Weight Stat Buffs:
Buff Stat Change
Bony-30 str
-30 con
+5 dex
+10 int
-5 psy
Skinny-20 str
-15 con
+10 dex
+5 int
Underweight-10 str
-5 con
+5 dex
+5 psy
Lean-5 str
+5 dex
FitNo Change stats
Stout+5 str
+5 con
-5 dex
Overweight-10 dex
Fat-5 str
-5 con
-15 dex
+5 int
+5 psy
Bulging-15 str
-15 con
-20 dex
+10 int
+10 psy
Obese-30 str
-30 con
-40 dex
+20 int
+20 psy
Basic Food Groups
  • Flour Base - Oats, corn, spelt, barley, rye and rice (and their respective flours)
  • Liquid Base – Water, Purified Water, Juices, Milk, Cream
  • Oil Base – Butter, tallow and all the oils you can find / extract
  • Fruits and Veg – Usually based off sugars, though some can havea good amount of startch to them
  • Meat and Carcass – From either flesh lore (for the meats), or Zoology (for cooking whole animal and fish)
  • Additives and Herbs – Herbs, spices, seeds, leaves
  • Fuels – Woods, Alchemical Dissolvents (Salt, Bor, Nitre...)

Food Extraction
  • Rye -> Rye Flour
  • Oat -> Oat Flour
  • Rice -> Rice Flour
  • Spelt -> Spelt Flour
  • Corn -> Corn Flour (at the expense of most of the Corn Oil)
  • Karoton -> Karoton Juice
  • Wolf Peach -> Wolf Peach Juice (Same as Press)
  • Sea Dew -> Sea Dew Leaves
  • Phasel Bean -> Phasel Extract
  • Common Reedmace -> Reedmace Shoots
  • Gamun -> Gamun Seed
  • Salvia -> Salvia Carpels
  • Horn Pepper -> Horn Pepper Seed
  • Common Vitus -> Vitus Juice
  • Red Jambura -> Red Jambura Juice
  • Green Jambura -> Green Jambura Juice
  • Malus -> Malus Juice
  • Pirum -> Pirum Juice
  • Wolf Peach -> Wolf Peach Juice (same as Grinder)
  • Elaiva -> Elaiva Oil
  • Palm Fruit -> Palm Oil
  • Horn Pepper Seed -> Horn Pepper Oil
  • Salvia Carpels -> Salvia Oil
  • Gamun Seed -> Gamun Oil
  • Brown Shore Kelp -> Brown Shore Kelp Oil
  • Corn -> Corn Oil (at the expense of the Corn Flour)

Basic Recipes
Cooking pot
When there is no Liquid Base or Oil Base present in the pot, you will create a fried item.

Adding in a Liquid Base:
  • <25% makes a Stew
  • 26-50% makes a Boiled Dish
  • 51%-90% makes a Soup
  • >90% makes a Decoction
  • You can get dumplings if you add in a Flour Base to the mix
    • Liquid Base 25-75%
    • Flour Base 25-75%
    • Filler <50%
    • At 1/1 FlourB/LiquidB You get Dumplings. Changing the water ratio turns it into Dumpling soup, stews and boiled.

Adding in an Oil Base:
  • 44% Fat with filler makes Deep Fried Food.
  • Adding in flour can make it battered
    • Fat 44-79%
    • Flour 21-56%
    • Fill <=35%%

Baking Stone
  • Flour Base 40%+
  • Liquid or Oil Base 20%+
  • Filler <=40%

Turn Spit
  • Can use up to 5% Liquid Base
  • Can use a Fuel Source to cook food (add in minimum 11% fuel source like Whitewood)

Baking Pot
  • Flour
  • Oil Base
  • Filler

  • Minimum 31% Liquid Base
  • 60-80% Liquid Base
  • 20-40% Flour Base
  • Filler

  • Needs 11% Miniumum Fuel
  • Max 5% Liquid Base
  • Whitewood has natural healing qualities compared to other fuels

Steam Pot
  • Minimum 31% Liquid Base

Amount: 10,000

Finished Good Primary Ingredient Secondary Ingredient Secondary Ingredient Ratio
Grain Steel Pig Iron Coke Calx Powder 2:1:1
Steel Grain Steel Coal Saburra Powder 2:1:1
Tungsteel Grain Steel Lupium Granum Powder 2:1:1
Bron Cuprum Bleck Saburra Powder 2:1:1
Messing Cuprum Calamine Saburra Powder 2:1:1
Tindremic Messing Messing Almine Gem Metal 2:1:1
Cronite Grain Steel Almine Acronite 2:1:1
Oghmium Tungsteel Cronite Sanguinite 2:1:1
Shield Crafting
This is the current list of craftable Shields in MO2 Beta!
Round Shields
Core Frame
Heavy Round Shield
Large Round Shield
Medium Round Shield
Small Round Shield
Boss Frame
Detailed Boss Frame
Flat Boss Frame
Full Boss Frame
Lion Frame

Weapon Crafting
This is the current list of craftable Weapons in MO2 Beta!
Axes One Handed
Handle Head
Bent Handle
Crude Handle
Khurite Handle
Ring Handle
Spike Handle
Bearded Axe
Double Bit Axe
Great Axe
Khurite Axe
War Axe
Woodcutting Axe

Axes Two Handed
Handle Head
Bent Handle
Crude Handle
Khurite Handle
Ring Handle
Spike Handle
Battle Axe
Double Axe
Great Axe
Kallardian Double Axe
Kallardian Great Axe

Handle Head
Bent Hilt
Curved Hilt
Rogue Hilt
Simple Hilt
Small Hilt
Curved Dagger
Heavy Dagger
Mercy Dagger
Straight Dagger
War Dagger

Hammers One Handed
Handle Head
Adorned Handle
Brute Handle
Gripped Handle
Straight Handle
Twisted Handle
Flanged Mace
Star Mace
Torch Head
War Club
War Hammer

Hammers Two Handed
Handle Head
Brute Handle
Gripped Handle
Ring Handle
Straight Handle
Twisted Handle
Flanged Mace
Star Mace
War Hammer

Handle Head
Clean Long Handle
Firm Long Handle
Rough Long Handle
Simple Long Handle
Sturdy Long Handle
Heavy Bardiche
Heavy Poleaxe
Light Bardiche
Light Poleaxe

Handle Head
Brute Long Handle
Firm Long Handle
Guard Long Handle
Heavy Long Handle
Simple Long Handle
Backsword Glaive
Curved Glaive
Heavy Glaive
Light Glaive
Straight Glaive

Handle Head
Clean Long Handle
Crude Long Handle
Firm Long Handle
Gripped Long Handle
Simple Long Handle
Boar Spear
Heavy Spear
Long Spear
Triple Spear
War Spear

Swords One Handed
Handle Head
Curved Hilt
Guard Hilt
Heavy Hilt
Horn Hilt
Turned Hilt
Backsword Blade
Heavy Short Blade
Shortsword Blade
Straight Backsword
Straight Blade

Swords Two Handed
Handle Head
Clean Crossguard
Clover Crossguard
Horned Crossguard
Khurite Hilt
Ring Crossguard
Cross Guard Blade
Great Blade
Great Kris Blade
Heavy Great Blade
Khurite Great Blade

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